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Welcome to We are dedicated to covering what’s important to you as a hiker, giving you all the information, you need to ensure your camping life,

We’re hikers, just like you, and we strive to deliver information that’s not only relevant to you, but easy to absorb and understand.

Even better, all this information is in one place so it’s super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Hiking squad goes in-depth to get to what matters to you. To delight and educate – that’s our promise to you.

Giving you even more to wag about, Hiking squad takes off the leash to bring you unbiased reviews and recommendations on the products and services you need for your hike or camping.

We’ve also enlisted the help of real hikers to test out these  products and services to ensure they meet your high standards.

Hiking squad knows that camping are a part of your life .


We are working to become the most trusted and convenient online destination for hikers and our partners – vets and service providers – alike. Our success is measured by the happiness of the people  we serve. That’s why we continue to think of outside-the-Hikingsquad-box ways to delight, surprise, and thank our clients.


At Hikingsquad, we strive to deliver the best information and ideas – and we want to become even better. Happy customers are always our number one priority, and we are passionate about finding new ways to wow both hikers  and the industry at large.

At Hikingsquad, we love hiking , and we believe hike make us better people. Every day with every connection, Hikingsquad’s passionate associates help bring hikers closer to their hobies so they can live more fulfilled lives.

This vision impacts everything we do for our customers. Hikingsquad is one of the global engine of change for hikers .


Our core values which have made us the very best among every other hiking blogs include:

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Hikingsquad is not just a hikers blog; it is a labor of love for all things .  As a confirmed hikers people, we are dedicated to providing you and your  the very best in services and care for life,


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