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Best Archery Books in 2022

March 30, 2021| Archery

Do you know that archery is not just shooting arrows but a lot more than that? Archery has a colorful and vast history, and there is so much thought and practice that goes into improving your shots, stance, and style as well.

Even though there are a lot of guides available online, along with many tutorials and blogs about the archery, but no one can beat that traditional book when it comes to brushing up on your archery skills and history of course. 

You may have achieved and learnt the physical side the archery, but many archery books can get you in the right headspace for archery. There are many archery books that include history, facts, tricks, and tips, and even fiction – there is surely something for every archery enthusiast.

Listed down below are our reviews of 5 of the top archery books, and our buyers guide on how you can choose the best archery books for yourself.

Top 5 archery books to Read in 2021.

Archery: Steps to Success (STS (Steps to Success Activity)

Not just one but you will find two authors of this book those are Kathleen M. Haywood and Catherine Lewis. Ms. Haywood is a former competitor who has given training of the sport at many universities and she also has a background in motor learning and development, which she has also used in this book for your ease.

Ms. Lewis is also a former competitor, who has taught archery in both school and camp settings.

In this book you will find:

  • Selection, fitting, tuning, and modernizing equipment.
  • Assessing, refining, and perfecting shooting form.
  • Compensating for common weather conditions
  • Technical and mental exercises for improved accuracy
  • Preparing, practicing, and planning for competition

In this book you can also learn sone bowhunting strategies for judging distance and shooting on uneven terrain as well as on the proper surfaces. This book is full of skills, techniques, and strategies, this book will help you shoot perfectly, consistently, and safely. This book also suggests some traditional archery for those people who wants to use basic equipment instead of modern technology.

This book has 93 exercises in it that helps you to improve your game and hit your mark accurately. In this book you will also find a scoring system which helps you track your improvement. You can learn at your own pace and develop your shooting techniques and shot patterns in your own time.

Traditional Bowyer’s Handbook: How to Build Wooden Bows and Arrows

As you can see the title tells itself that this book concentrates less on the game itself, but more on the actual bows and arrows. This amazing book will explore into the field of natural bow building, combining all the three decades of first-hand knowledge and experience from an avid bowman – Clay Hayes. If you are someone who is thinking about building your own bow, altering a bow, or are just interested in the design, then this book is specially written and combined for you.

In this outstanding book, Clay Hayes discussed about many different types of wood, and how you can shape the different woods into solid and fast bows. This book is very easy to understand. Even if you are new to archery and never picked up a bow in your entire life, this book has enough detail for you to create your own bow from the beginning.

Each section is very well labeled, so you can just flip to the section in the book in which you need to know the tricks and get the information ready to reference.

Archery Anatomy: An Introduction to Techniques for Improved Performance

If you are someone who is really very serious about enhancing your archery skills and techniques, then this book is the perfect selection for you. This book is written and combined by the great author Ray Axford who is known to be the expert in this field of archery. The author, Ray Axford, exposes many popular myths that are related with the archery, this book sets the facts straight for you with science and modern technology.

This clear and briefly written book will be useful to you no matter where you are on this planet. As we all know the fact that many books on Archery are focused on U.S. archery – but this book is specially designed for the archers from all over the world. This book is clear, precise and has efficient drawings and diagrams that are used to explain everything in detail, that makes it very easy to understand even for those who have never picked up a bow before. The sections are easy to learn and easy to find when you need to use it.This is one of the only books that focus’ on the anatomy of the human body as well as the anatomy of the bow – with all the basic information and ties to the interrelationship between the two.

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Beginner’s Guide to Traditional Archery

As we can guess from the title of this book, this is a guidebook for beginners, but professionals could also learn something from this book which is written by Brian J. Sorrells. The author of this book, Brian Sorrels, is an enthusiastic hunter and outdoorsman. He spent four years in the U.S. army before starting a career in law enforcement. He has shot and hunted with the longbow for more than two decades. He is a masthead contributor for Traditional Bowhunter magazine, and also writes regularly for many other archery and hunting mags – so it is clear he really knows what he is talking about.

This edition is an easy to understand instruction guide book for people who prefer traditional archery, and it covers both target shooting and bowhunting in it. The author of this amazing book also included a special tiered training program for shooting that includes instructions, which allows you to decide on how to select bows, arrows, and any other archery accessories.

If you are at the beginning of learning archery, this should be the first book that you must read to enter inside the world of archery. You can easily learn many basics from this book, from selecting arrow shafts to refining your form to entering your first match, everything is well settled in this book. If you are new at archery and you have never ever shot a single arrow before in your life, or if you are already an archer, you must get the maximum benefit from this outclass guide book.

Archery by USA Archery

This book is written by the USAA, which is the national governing body for the sport of archery in the United States. The USAA is also a member association of World Archery, which is the International governing body for archery which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. This is not the ordinary book as it is not written by a single author so this fact makes it unique in this context, some of the world’s top archery coaches assembled together to write this book, and it is without any doubt full or tips and tricks by which you can improve your archery game.

Read this book for your guidance. Reading it will help you enhance your accuracy skills, increase your consistency, and achieve competitive success. You will master the skills and techniques that are there in the U.S. Olympic Training Centre. Legendary coach KiSic Lee has a lot of tips and skills for you in this book.

Below are the things that you will find in this book:

  • How to select and correctly tune equipment.
  • How to build on a successful shot sequence
  • How to set up the shot
  • How to draw the shot 
  • How to complete the shot
  • How to maximize your practice time
  • How you can train physically and mentally for competition
  • How to develop a successful tournament strategy
  • If you need to improve in any of those areas, this book is must-read.

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