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Best Cold Weather Camping Tents in 2022

August 30, 2021| Camping

If you are a traveler, you must be aware of the fact that there are special types of tents for winter. These special tents have a stove opening in them that can burn woods and that is why they are called hot tents. Yon may get many kinds of hot tents that can make your camping trip convenient. For your information you must know that a good winter tent can survive against worst weather conditions like snowfall, harsh wind, and really low temperatures. Hot tents are normally fully waterproof and can survive horrible weather with no problem at all.

Hot tents are those tents that have stove jacks. Though, the best hot tents for winter camping are the ones with not only stove jacks, but also which provides a good amount of heat, and are stable against extreme cold weather with good air ventilation.

Best Cold Weather Camping Tents in 2022

Below is the list of cold weather camping tents in 2022

1. Danchel Canvas Hot Tent

Danchel canvas hot tent is considered as one of the best cold weather camping tents. This tent has a unique shape with two stove jacks, and power to deal with bad weather. You will see that it is also one of the prettiest tents you will ever experience to see. This product consists of two already installed stove jacks. These jacks have almost 500 degrees of heat resistance that can avoid any sort of harm that can happen to canvas fabric, and rain flaps cover for the unused stove hollows. 

The outer fabric is made up of 100% cotton canvas which has 1500mm hydrostatic rating which actually means that it can survive snow, wind, and rainfall during hot tent camping. The floor is made up of synthetic material and cannot be soaked at all.

This hot tent has four small windows and also mesh panels. There are four vents present on the roof that provide good airflow. The entrance door also possesses a net cover. The stoves offer a quaint and warm atmosphere inside the tent. It is quite spacious with an area of 216 ft2 and can easily fit up to eight people. 


  • Pre-installed stove jacks to keep you warmu003cbru003e
  • Spacious interior for familiesu003cbru003e
  • Can protect against bad weatheru003cbru003e
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Has good airflow


  • The zipper is not long-lastingu003cbru003e
  • Heavy to carry


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2. One Tigris Smokey Hut hot tent

This ultralight hot tent is specially designed for all those people who like to go camping alone. This tent is waterproof, stove opening, light to carry, and heavy protection what else would you ask for in a tent. Its exterior material is 20D silnylon, this tent boasts a 3000mm hydrostatic rating which means that it can survive heavy wind as well as rainfall.

The best feature of this tent that makes it one of the best winter tents is its waterproof zippers. Most of the tents have fickle zippers with no waterproofing system, but these zippers can surely protect you against heavy rainfall. It guarantees no leaking of any kind particularly at the stove hollow. Stove openings are really important for winter camping, and this tent is the same. The stove jack is foldable, and there is a chimney opening present there as well.


  • highly waterproof to guard against groundwater and rain
  • one pole set-up
  • lightweight to carry
  • Ideal for people traveling alone


  • Have to buy stove jack separately
  • Isn’t available in family size

$137.98 $159.99

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3. Russian Bear hot tent

This tent is the best option for fishermen and hunters. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it comes fully equipped with a chimney and wood stove that in other cases you would have to buy separately that costs a lot. The stove is made of stainless steel and has heat resistant ceramic glass walls for the heat release. This heat will help to keep the tent warm.

The material of this tent is made up of a high-tech oxford fabric which means that it is waterproof and has guarding borders in the tent base. No amount of rain or snow can enter this kind of fabric. This tent has a 3-layer heat-insulated floor that blocks from water soaking inside it. It also aids in maintaining the hot interior temperature.

This tent can be assembled quickly as it is an instant set-up tent. All you have to do is to unfold it, and the tent expands itself. If you want to position the central pole inside to keep the roof up, there are four layered windows present on the tent.

The tent is made of three layers.

  • Interior mesh and panel
  • Transparent dense part
  • Exterior waterproof layer


  • Comes with a good stove so no need for extra purchase
  • Has insulated floor for warmth
  • Can be assembled without fuss
  • Can protect against any risky weather
  • Has good ventilation


  • Very expensive
  • Comes in 5-person size only


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4. One Tigris Iron Wall Tent with Stove Jack

In our list of winter tents this one is the lightest tents available in the market, this product will meet all your requirements. This tent can protect you against any sort of weather. It also comes with an interior mesh layer that is the unique quality of this tent. One of the qualities that can make this tent one of the best winter camping tents is its inner mesh tent.

This tent can be used with a wood stove as long as the stove is outside of the inner tent. The mesh interior takes half the area of the tent. It can also prevent insects and mosquitos from coming inside the tent. This feature makes it perfect for summer camping as well. It has a 20D silnylon exterior with a hydrostatic rating of 2000 mm. It is considered as one of the best lightweight hot tents for winter camping. This tent is suitable for one 1-person and a wooden stove. However, two people can stay if the inner mesh is removed.


  • Has a mesh inner
  • Perfect if you’re traveling alone
  • Good stove jack for warmth
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Can survive against terrible winds


  • Doesn’t come in bigger sizes
  • The stove jack needs to be bought separately


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5. Robens Klondike Hot Tent with Stove Jack

This tent is a tipi-shaped tent, and it has become one of the ideal choices for hot tent camping over the last few years. This tent is made up of strong fabric which is made in such a way that it can survive harsh winds. This tent can definitely provide a warm temperature on the inside. Robens Klondike Hot Tent comes with a stove port, so you do not need to buy a separate stove for warming. The stove jack can be used by a solid fuel stove, which was made for tents.

Robens Klondike Hot Tent is made of a mix of cotton and poly. This fabric is called Hydro Tax Polycotton, which is made up of two-thirds polyester and one-third cotton. This material can make the tent more fireproof, waterproof, and durable. This tent is very light in weight than your standard canvas tents. These kinds of tents are one of the finest snow tents as they can survive an average of 95 mph and a maximum of 105mph snowy wind. There are two air vents that are present on the roof and three netted windows on the sidewall. Even Though it is mainly a winter tent, it can be used all year no matter what the season is. The HydroTex fabric provides aeration while preventing compression.

This tent can fit three people and a stove, gear, but without the stove, six people can also fit easily as the stove takes up half the space of the tent. The footprint has zippers attached to the frame and can be assembled without sidewalls on warmer days.


  • Comes with a good stove pipe port
  • Made of durable material
  • Has insect prevention net on windows
  • Can survive against strong winds
  • Quite light to carry


  • Available only in one size
  • Shipment takes time as it comes from Europe

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6. White Duck Canvas Wall Tent with Stove Jack

This is a large-sized tent which is ideal for outdoor social gatherings and glamping. The material used in this tent is waterproof and UV ray proof. It comes with a pre-installed stove jack pipe and zippers that can last for lifetime. The walls of the tent are made up with waterproof, light-reflecting, and UV resilient polyvinyl material. White Duck Canvas Wall Tent has a 5inch diameter stove pipe that comes with a flap cover as well to be used if the stove is inactive. The poles are made up of a lightweight aluminum, and the powder-coated metal brackets are made up of superior quality. The side walls are 5 feet while the center is a comfortable 8 foot 5 inches.

This tent has 3-layer large triangle windows that are highly durable. These windows that are in there have a PVC storm cover with Velcro buttons to guarantee sunlight entering the tent without losing the stove heat. Also, the doors and windows are wrapped in strong mesh, and the door panels aids in keeping out rain and heavy wind from entering the walls.

This tent also has YKZ zippers, which are contemplated as military quality because they are bombproof.  The corners of this tent are super strong as they are double stitched. This tent comes in many different sizes, such as 4-person size, 6-person size, 8-person size, and 10-person size. So, even if you are a solo camper or a group camper, this tent can be the best choice for you.


  • Large enough for group events
  • Made of UV resistance fabric
  • The material is durable
  • Has a stove jack cover
  • Military-grade strong YKZ zippers


  • Very heavy
  • Can’t be assembled by one person


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7. Pomoly HEX Teepee Hot Tent for Cold Weather

This one is the most affordable tents you will ever see; this product has all the right features that you may ask for. You do not have to crouch in this tent rather you can easily stand up straight in it as It is quite tall in structure. This tent is almost 8 feet tall. As you may have noticed that many of the hot tents have stove openings but no stove jacks in them. If you are not willing to buy a stove jack separately, then this tent can be a greater choice.

So, this tent is made from 300D Oxford fabric and has a silver coating on the inside. This kind of material provides good flow of air and aeration while protecting you against extreme weather conditions. This tent is also waterproof and maintains a warmer temperature as compared to all traditional teepee tents.

You may see that most of the tents are either 1-person size or 6-8-person size. Though, this one is the perfect size tent as four people can fit in it easily. If you want more space to move around and place the wooden stove, it can accommodate two people.


  • Pre-installed stove jacks
  • Ideal for small families
  • Can easily stand up and move about
  • Good airflow and durability
  • More sturdy than standard tepee shaped tents


  • Incompatible with old versions
  • Hard to assemble

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8. Stout Bell Tent for Hot Tent Camping


Stout Bell Tent for Hot Tent comes with an equipped stove jack. It also has a zipped groundsheet to make sure the best winter camping experience. There are two series of this tent that are Pro and Ultimate version these both versions are different in some of their features.

This one is made up of 100% cotton canvas fabric and comes in two different sizes, that are 4- and 5-meters of diameters. It can fit 6-8 people because it has a larger area of 211 ft2. It consists of a single tent pole. The Pro version has a standard stove jack that uses stove pipes of 3-6 inches.  There is a canvas cover of 8×8 inches for stove openings provided.

In this tent there are four windows and one door which are completely water resistant, and it provides good flow of air as well. The PVC waterproof groundsheet comes with a zipper, and the Pro version also provides a mesh. This tent also consists of two cable ports for your relaxation. The tents are double stitched especially around the vulnerable points and made to last. The metal zippers are also very durable and strong. The 4-meter tents come with an extra bug netting wall. This insect net is attached to the sidewalls and has zippers. When not in use, you can unzip them and roll them up.


  • Strong double-stitched canvas tent made to last
  • Bug prevention net available
  • Comes with a stove jack for warmth
  • Has two cable ports for ease
  • Completely waterproof


  • heavy at 94lbs or 43 kgs
  • Hard to carry for long-distance trips.


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Things to consider while buying a hot tent for winter camping

As we know that almost all hot tents provide wood burning through their stoves. Nevertheless, not all of them have built-in stove jacks present. For some of the budget-friendly and affordable tents, you will need to buy a jack individually, but you will still need to consider if the total cost will exceed the price of a good sturdy tent with a pre-installed jack. Some of the expensive tents even come with fully supplied stoves which takes your mind off buying the right size of the stove. But you still have to notice and see many different factors before buying a tent.

To find the best hot tent for winter camping it is not at all an easy feat as there are many things you need to look for. You do not want to go to your destination with a tent that doesn’t suitable for the weather. So, here are the things you need to consider before investing in a new hot tent.

  • Waterproofing
  • Quality of tent
  • Groundsheet
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Free standing tents
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good ventilation
  • Spaciousness 
  • Set up time
  • Stove jack
  • Fabric
  • Insulation

As we have discussed 8 best tents for winter camping so you may have a detailed look into the description individually and decide by yourself which one suits you the best according to the given qualities.

Best Cold Weather Camping Tents in 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a hot tent for winter camping?

You must always use all those gear that is perfect for winter camping. You will definitely need a sturdy tent, a warm sleeping bag, two sleeping pads and a stove that are suitable for cold temperatures. You don’t want to feel cold all the time and have bad health while on any adventure so why not to keep yourself comfortable with a proper winter tent. A hot tent will prevent cold injuries like Frostbite and hypothermia are legitimate concerns while winter camping.

Are canvas tents warm in winter?

You may find a lot of good winter nylon tents to opt from. But when it comes to winter camping it definitely has to be canvas. Many of the best canvas cabin tents are best for cold weather conditions. Regrettably canvas tents are more on the expensive side than the nylon variety, but they can also keep the tent warmer inside during winter.

What Is the warmest tent for winter camping?

Robens Klondike Hot Tent can be the ideal choice for hot winter camping. This tent can definitely provide a warm temperature on the inside. Robens Klondike Hot Tent comes with a stove port, so you do not need to buy a separate stove for warming. The stove jack can be used by a solid fuel stove, which was made for tents.

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