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Best Kids & Toddler Camping Chairs in 2022

November 15, 2019| Gear

Camping with your family in a tent can be an amazing activity that not only makes memories, but also builds bonds that last lifetimes.

Almost all of us can look fondly back on a time where our parents took us camping for the first time, opening our eyes to a different way of living. But when should you start taking your kids out on trips with you?

Thanks to toddler camping chairs you can get them out in the fresh air while also keeping them safe and comfortable. Below, in no particular order, are our best children camping chairs .

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Now let’s get started !

best toddler camping chair Reviews

baby delight go with me chair review

Available in five different colors of gray, lime green, pink, red, and teal, this portably chair seats anyone from a small baby up to a 75 lb. child. It features two leg holes that are hidden by Velcro until your child is big enough to use them.

It has a five-point removable harness to keep the baby secure and comfortable and it also has a removeable snack tray, a sun canopy and comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

Made from durable polyester fabric, this  kids camping chairs  is resistant to fading, stains, and mold. It comes to 25.5 inches tall and weighs just 5 lbs., this paired with the fact that it folds away when not in use makes it a perfect camping chair as it will not add much weight to your gear.

The biggest problem we have with this chair is with the removable snack tray. It is rather small, so much so that you may struggle to fit so much as a plate on it, meaning it works for small snacks but would have trouble supporting an entire meal.

However, the addition of optional leg holes is a nice touch and the durable polyester fabric ensure that it has been built to last.

What we like:

  • Multiple color choices
  • Strong enough to hold a 75 lb. child
  • Five-point removable harness keeps the child safe and secure
  • Made of durable polyester fabric
  • Light and easily transportable

What we don’t like:

  • Tray is rather small, meaning it would not suit anything more than a small snack

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair review

The Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair is available only in black, but features a lightweight and flexible design that allows it to be easily folded, unfolded, and locked into place within a matter of seconds, requiring no assembly and meaning that this chair is extremely easy to set up.

It is made up of a durable nylon and the built-in tray is covered with a clear vinyl that is easy to wipe clean with a little water and even features a small cup holder.

It uses a five-point safety harness to secure your child into the high chair and ensuring that they are both comfortable as well as safe. It holds a child of up to 50 lbs. and once set up comes to a height of 32 inches.

The main issue with this baby camp high chair is its design. The tray is fastened on to the seat and cannot be removed, while this can help to keep the child secure in place, it can also make it difficult to get your child in there in the first place.

As far as we could see it doesn’t cause any discomfort once they are settled in the chair, but it may take you few minutes to get them in there.

What we like:

  • Very easy to set up and fold away
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Built-in tray is covered with vinyl, making it easy to clean
  • Five-point harness ensure your child is secure in the chair
  • Includes a cup holder
  • Strong enough to support up to 50 lbs.

What we don’t like:

  • The tray cannot be removed which can cause problems when initially putting your child in the chair

Baby Delight Go with Me Uplift Deluxe Portable High Chair review

This chair comes in a gray color with a teal trim and is made up of a strong polyester that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use as it can be easily wiped clean.

It features a fully removable tray that has a convenient cup holder suited for sippy cups and bottles, the tray itself is large and wide enough to hold a plate and is dishwasher safe making it extremely easy to clean.

This toddler camp chair also has a five-point harness to keep your child secure and uses a stable, flared leg system to provide added safety for them.

Finally, it is extremely easy to both set up and pack away using latches on the side to easily fold the chair away into the included carry bag and it comes to 33 inches tall.

The only real problem with this great chair is the fact that the holes meant for the child’s legs are rather small. This, similarly, to the previous chair we looked at, can make it slightly difficult to get them into the chair in the first place.

This is, however, the only issue we rally had and this chair is overall extremely well made and very durable.

What we like:

  • Strong polyester material
  • Removable tray with cup holder
  • Five-point harness
  • Extremely easy to both set up and pack away

What we don’t like:

  • Leg holes are a little too small

Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray review

This small high chair is designed for younger children and comes in three different colors or Tahitian Blue, Slate Grey, and Midnight Blue. It is made of durable fabric that is designed to be easily wiped down and machine washed.

This chair uses an ergonomically designed restraint system to keep your toddler secure and comfortable with buckles that can be easily released with one hand.

The lightweight frame effortlessly pops open and folds away compactly to be easily stored and transported. It also features a dishwasher safe removable swivel tray so you can take it off when it is not needed.

Finally, the chair weighs just 4lbs. making it very easy to carry around when camping.

The only problem we have with this chair is its lack of a five-point strap, while the built-in restraint system works great for children that are happy to patiently sit in the chair while they eat, more active toddlers will likely escape fairly quickly.

This chair is, however, designed specifically for younger children so the lack of a strap should not cause too many problems.

What we like:

  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Dishwasher safe removeable tray
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Very easy to transport and store

What we don’t like:

  • Lack of a strap means that impatient children will likely be able to escape the chair fairly easily

BabiYolo Portable Baby High Chair review

The last item we will be looking at is the BabiYolo Portable Baby High Chair, coming in a vibrant green color with a black frame, this chair can be easily folded down making it very compact and easy to both transport and store in the included carrying bag that comes with your purchase.

It also has a sturdy tray that features a built-in cup holder and, while the tray cannot be removed, it is coated in vinyl to make is extremely easy to clean no matter what mess is made on it. It weighs just over 7 lbs. comes to 34 inches tall and can support children up to 35 lbs.

The issue we have with this chair is the same as with the previous chair we covered, it lacks any kind of harness of strap.

It features leg holes that are large enough to hold your child without causing issues when putting them in the chair, but this also means that the child has plenty of room to move around and potentially get up from their seat.

The addition of a harness of a five-point strap would be a nice addition to this already very well made high chair.

What we like:

  • Very light easy to transport
  • Folds away into a compact carry bag
  • Vinyl coated tray makes it very easy to clean

What we don’t like:

  • No harness or strap means that children could potentially get up from their seat

5 important tips to choose the best kids camping chairs  :

Tip 1: Material

You want to go for the best materials that will make sure that the lifespan of this chair will last for a long time.

I suggest that the aluminum frame is the best because it’s lightweight and it will not rust and make the chair weak and unhealthy for your kid.

Low-quality camping will chair will be an absolute loss of money as it won’t last you long and it will soon have durability issues.

Tip 2: Durability

The chair has to be durable enough who would stand your kid’s body weight.

The reason why we are saying this is because we have seen some kids camping chairs there are built so weak as if they were toys.

I think this is a big mistake made by some manufacturers without respecting the fact that these kids need durable chairs to ensure they are safe. (as the Camp boots)

Durability also will ensure a longer lifespan of the chair due to heavy use multiple times being folded and unfolded.

Tip 3: Design

When it comes to kids you have to choose the best designs that will fit their personality. Example for girls the girly color and vice-versa for boys.

Also another important than In Design is that be an umbrella. Kids camping chairs with umbrellas I really good and protecting them wherefrom Sun or rain. So make sure that you keep an eye on these little things that have to do with design.

Tip 4: Comfort

Your kid’s camping chair should be enough for your kid to use. If it’s not it will not provide your kid healthy sitting position.

To go for that supports the back well and also has a soft material that does not cause pain when used frequently. You want the camping chair to as comfy as it can to the point where your kid can fall asleep while sitting on it.

Tip 5: Size and Weight

Size and weight are also important thing especially when you have more than one kid. Imagine with me having four kids and each one has their own there camping chair then you will have no room left in your car or your van for anything else other than kids camping chairs.

Make sure you go for lightweight kids camping chairs also make sure is chairs are comfy, durable and well-designed. ( as their boots )


This was a guide on how to choose your next toddler camping chair or for your kid. It is really important to focus on the durability side.

However, it is a good idea to put pay more attention to design as this is a kid camping chair and kids like things that mill represent their personalities.

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Camping with kids is double the fun while camping only with adults, even though they require to look after just remember that you are spending really good and unforgettable memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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