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Eno Slap Strap Vs Atlas Hammocks Suspension System: 2021 Comparison

June 27, 2020| Gear

Many of us are fans of outdoor activities…!

Well, if there’s one thing many of us do when we go camping or have a barbecue in the backyard, it’s riding a hammock.

Nothing better than relaxing in an outdoor one, right? Well, to ride, you’ll need some good hammock suspension ropes to keep it hanging and to support your weight without risking falling.

Today I will compare and review two models of suspension ropes that you will surely find high: The Eno Slap Strap and the Eno Atlas Hammocks Suspension System.

What is the difference between Eno Slap Strap and Eno Atlas straps?

Both products differ in several ways. For example, one of them would be the strings dimensions , as the Eno Slap Strap is a little bigger than the Eno Atlas Strap.

Another difference we can highlight is that the Eno Atlas incorporates reflective seams that increase night visibility. This is a handy plus if you are a night-time excursion lover, or if you want to lie down in the hammock and watch the stars.

Another detail that differentiates the Eno Slap Strap from the Eno Atlas Strap is the manufacturing material. The Eno Atlas Strap was made with poly filament straps, while the Eno Slap Strap was made with nylon straps.

Quick Comparison : Eno Slap Strap Vs Atlas 

ENO SlapStrap ProENO Atlas

Product Image

ENO slapstrap Pro Image
MaterialNylon webbingPolyfilament webbing
Weight Capacity (lbs)400 pounds400 pounds
Weight8 ounces8 ounces
Price (Amazon)Check PriceCheck Price

Eno slap strap pro Features and review

The Slap Strap Pro is one of the brand’s best-selling hammock suspension systems. And no wonder, the quality of this model is undeniable.

I bought them a few years ago and was impressed with the quality and strength of the ropes. As time goes by, you will realize that you made a good purchase and that you didn’t lose your money.

here’s a list of the highlights Features and Options of the Slap Strap Pro:

Quick and easy to use: The Slap Strap Pro was specially designed to fit large trees and poles. Installing this hammock suspension system will take no more than a minute and is super easy. You can start relaxing in your hammock without making a significant effort.

Versatility: The Slap Strap Pro comes with multiple attachment points on each strap, allowing for quick and versatile configuration of the hammock from 2 points up to 20 feet away.

They won’t fall short: The SlapStrap Pro is 24 inches much longer than the original SlapStraps. This allows the straps to be able to wrap around large trees or attach to roof bases, boat masts, or wherever you need to hang your hammock.

Safe and robust support: Each package of the Slap Strap Pro includes two straps, and each is capable of supporting 200 pounds, and together they have a combined capacity to support up to 400 pounds. As you can see, the weight will not be a problem for the straps.

Unique design for Eno hammocks: The straps were specially designed for Eno hammocks. However, they work with most of the hammocks on the market without any problem.

In short, the brand of the hammock does not influence the quality of the straps. Even so, it is recommended that you purchase the hammock with Eno for greater comfort.

Eno Atlas Straps Features and review

Eno Atlas Straps are among the best selling hammock suspension systems on the market. Their agility and versatility make these the users’ favorite straps.

I’ve been testing these straps for over a Year. And like the previous model, I have been very impressed with the quality and resistance. Not for nothing is Eno, one of the best selling brands.

 Here is a list of the most outstanding features of the Atlas Straps:

Includes two straps per package: Both straps are capable of supporting 200 pounds each and combined, they have the capacity to support a weight of up to 400 pounds.

Each strap is 9 feet long: This allows it to be quickly wrapped around large trees. Remember that the straps can also be attached to roof bases, rocks, or anything else you have on hand.

– The straps were specially designed for ENO brand hammocks. However, this is not an impediment, as they work without problems with most of the hammocks on the market today.

– It has 30 combined adjustment points.

The conical design of the Atlas Straps reduces the weight of the strap to only 9 ounces. At the same time, it ensures more excellent protection for the tree.

– The reflective seams on the Atlas Straps increase night-time visibility, so wearing them at night will not be a problem.

Features comparison between Eno Slap Strap and Eno Atlas Straps 


Both belts were made of different materials. While the Slap Straps Pro were made from nylon webbing, the Atlas Straps are made from poly filament webbing.

The difference between the two elements is that poly filament webbing has a slightly lower breaking point compared to nylon webbing.

However, it is essential to mention that nylon webbing is weaker when it is wet. The advantage of poly filament webbing is that it can be wet and still be very strong and resistant.

Another thing we can mention regarding the materials of both straps is that nylon is much more reliable and can withstand a lot of abrasions. 

although poly filament is also quite durable, it is essential for you to know how much the manufacturing materials can influence the quality of the straps.   

Weight Capacity: 

In terms of weight capacity, both straps have the same feature: both the Atlas and the Strap Pro come with two straps that support 200 pounds each and combined they can support up to 400 pounds.

I thought this was too cool because other straps you get on the market support much less weight. If you want to lie in bed with someone else, you can do so with complete confidence. I assure you it won’t fall off.

Durability and Quality:

As far as durability goes, I have nothing to say. Both straps are of exceptional quality and durability.

I have tested both the Slap Strap and the Atlas in different environments and with different weights to be supported, and neither has failed me. What I did notice is that the nylon, the material the Slap Strap is made of, makes it a little more durable and resistant.

However, I think that both straps are of excellent quality and I can assure you that they will accompany you for many years.


For all hammock lovers, it’s essential to have a good suspension system that prevents the hammock from falling and causing a significant accident.

Among the many options, we find in the market; I think the Slap Pro and the Atlas are among the best you can get.

Both designs of the Eno brand more than demonstrate why they are among the best sellers in the market.

The quality, resistance, and good design are undeniable. With all their similarities and differences, both straps do a good job. Regarding the price, the truth is that it’s quite affordable, so don’t worry too much about that.

ENO SlapStrap ProENO Atlas

Product Image

ENO slapstrap Pro Image
Price (Amazon)Check PriceCheck Price

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