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Do I Need Hiking Pants? What to wear while Hiking

December 22, 2020| Hiking

Do I need hiking Pants?

If you are someone who gets too much excited before beginning any journey or before starting anything new than you must stick to this blog till the end. Backpackers or hikers can get a little too excited about what they are going to bring and wear for the adventure that they are going to do. Sometimes they pack in such a way that out of excitement they keep a lot of extra things that are not really required for the adve


nture or sometimes some people forget the most essential thing that is needed during the trip.

What is the need for hiking pants?

While every backpacker can have his or her own style and preference according to their mindset and comfort, it is better for the beginners to know the basics as soon as possible. In this way, they will be more inspired to explore the wonders and joy of the great outdoors.

It is okay to feel anxious about getting only the right kit and things for your trip. In fact, you should think and plan in mind that do you really need that kit or does everything really need to be waterproof or not.

However, the most important question that you should also be asking yourself is that what do you have to wear during the hike? or do you need hiking pants or are you good without it as well? This is because the clothes you wear can also make or break the whole charm of your trip and adventure. You should also keep in mind that the weather on the trail or in the mountains can be unstable. Sometimes, there are unpredicted rainstorms. Therefore, wearing and packing the right hiking clothes is very important.

Although, there are no specific rules for hiking clothes. The type and style of what you will wear are up to your own preferences. Though, each type and style have both advantages and disadvantages depending upon the environment and circumstances where you are going for a hike.

A Guide to Hiking Pants

Don’t you think blue jeans are great? They always look good on everyone and are rugged, and they sure do last longer than we think. Yet, there’s a dark underbelly to wearing blue jeans for outdoor uses as they are heavy, and they are hot too. They are of no use when they are wet, and you cannot wear them. In case you want to convert your pair of jeans into cute shorts, you would always want a pair of scissors or knife and obviously, you would not carry that with you in your hike times. We suggest you to never keep the burden of blue jeans with you as it is of no use. Hiking pants have saved hikers who need a multipurpose, secure, and practical set of pants for the purpose of hiking and backpacking.

Hiking pants are usually light in weight, quick-drying pants because they are made from several types of nylon that are perfect for hiking and other outdoor hunts. Hiking pants are lightweight, and they come with many pockets and have no bulk. Even though, many hiking pants are “convertible hiking pants,” that means the legs can zip off turning the pants into comfortable hiking shorts and you will not need scissors for that.

Here is a short guide about these wonderful types of pants. If you enjoy hiking, consider buying some pairs of hiking pants. To put it in a simple way, once you start hiking in hiking pants, you will never go back to hiking in blue jeans again.

Benefits of Hiking Pants

·         Lightweight

They are made from a very strong nylon material hiking pants are light in weight. They even weigh less than even a cotton pair of shorts, yes you heard it right. On longer hikes the large weight savings allows for more comfort and thus you can fully enjoy your hiking experience.

·         They dry quickly

Due to the material that they are made of, that is Nylon, hiking pants tend to dry really fast. If your pants get wet, they will dry out vey quickly within minutes even while you are wearing them. Nothing Like blue jeans or other fabrics made up of cotton, nylon hiking pants do not store or absorb water. For this particular reason, hiking pants are those pants that are considered ideal for hiking trips where stream crossings need to be made or where there is the possibility of stormy, wet weather.

The need to keep the pants dry is very important in hilly areas, where cold temperatures often accompany rainy weather. A hiker wearing wet blue jeans in cold temperatures will, let us just say, not have an enjoyable hiking trip.

·         Quiet

Good quality hiking pants are made from specific nylon that has both the characteristics of being “soft” and “quiet”. Quality hiking pants means, when they are worn, they do not make that “nylon rubbing” sound like lower quality nylon pants and other poor quality nylon clothing usually make. This “quiet” not only gets rid of an annoying trail side irritation to the ears, but it also allows for better natural world viewing.

·         Pockets

Hiking pants usually have many, and frequently larger, pockets. These pockets always come in convenient, allows you to keep all the essentials like maps, small digital cameras, lip balm and other items best stored “on person” instead of in a waist pack of daypack that does not remain convenient.

·         Comfort

Hiking pants are one of the most comfortable pants a hiker can wear. Hiking pants are so light that you even stop feeling anything on your skin after a particular time. Additionally, hiking pants are properly sized are also very convenient. With a proper hiking pant, you will never have to worry about the pant “crumpling up” or rubbing against the skin which often happens with blue jeans on longer hikes and a lot of people with bulky body type struggle with inflammations.

A hiking pant effectively allows for unlimited tractability. Hikers who journey off-trail or scramble along the rocks will come to enjoy this benefit greatly. Also, hiking pants often have flexible waistbands. While not exactly stylish, elastic waistbands are comfortable since it allows the pant to move with the motions of the hiker’s body.

·         Convertible Shorts

You can convert your hiking pants into shorts easily. This kind of hiking pants are called “Convertible Hiking Pants.” Convertible hiking pants have zippers about 1/3 the way down the pant. You just need to unzip the lower part of the pant on each leg and the pants convert to outstanding hiking shorts.

·         Leg Protection is a must

Because hiking pants breathe that means sweat is not stuck inside the pant, hiking pants keep the legs cool while still protecting the legs from shoots, prickles and other dangers found when hiking especially off-trail. Off-trail hikers will quickly come to understand how the pants protect the skin while still allowing the legs to remain cool.

What is the difference between Hiking & Trekking?

The Two Styles of Hiking Pants

There are two “patterns” of hiking pants available, the convertible hiking pant and the standard hiking pant that do not convert into shorts. Each style has their advantages and specific uses.

Convertible Hiking Pants vs. Standard Hiking Pants

Convertible hiking pants convert to hiking shorts by use of a zipper that allows the lower 2/3 of the leg to zip-off as mentioned above.

By contrast, a typical, non-convertible hiking pant is just a pant. The standard hiking pant often has zippers on the lower part of the leg, to make it easier to remove the pants and you do not have to remove the boots to take it off. Nevertheless, standard hiking pants cannot be converted in to hiking shorts.

There are reimbursements and disadvantages to each style. The standard hiking pant, since it shortages the zipper across the upper-leg, has a much cleaner, smoother look. Even up close, quality standard hiking pants almost pass for a nice-looking pair of casual, dress pants. Furthermore, everything else equal, a non-convertible pant is a “tad lighter” in weight than a convertible pant is. Since the zipper and extra fabric needed to cover the zipper is not needed for it.

Which Style to Choose among the two?

Which style to choose totally depends on the type of hiking a person does and whether the person will use their hiking pants for “other things” elsewhere hiking. For instance, many people wear their hiking pants “around town” much of the year. The lightweight and breathability quality of a hiking pant is perfect for everyday tasks such as shopping, walking downtown or simply going to a neighbour’s party. For these activities, many people find the non-convertible pant ideal since the look just like a normal casual pant.

But for proper hiking, the convertible hiking pant simply cannot be ignored. Most of the people enjoy the flexibility to start a hike in long pants, changeover to shorts during the warmer temperatures of mid-day, then back into long pants as temperatures fall in the evening. So, in terms of pure flexibility and level-headedness, the convertible hiking pant is better than a standard hiking pant, but the choice is all yours.


Other than hiking pants other essential things like hats, caps, and sunglasses are more than just accessories. They are also the main essentials to defend your face and eyes from dust and harmful UV rays. Your hat should be water revolting so you can wear it in the watery places, even while you are swimming in a lake or stream. This will also keep your head warm.

Although, it is true that a person can hike with any clothes that they have, but every true hiker knows that the right hiking clothes are important in every part of the trek to secure themselves. Clothes can affect the level of your comfort during the journey, removing one distraction from your trek or climb.


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