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10 Best Braces to Keep Your Knee in Place While Running in 2022

September 12, 2020| Clothing

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During the COVID-19 pandemic we realized how fortunate are those who have a strong immune system!

I guess you are all now looking for ways to boost your immune system like eating healthy and exercising.

What could be better and easier than running; especially if you run while wearing a brace to keep your knee in place? Yeah, knee braces are a great tool to support your knee joints and help it recover faster. They are also utilized to prevent and protect you from knee injuries when running.

Below I put together a list of the 10 best braces to keep knee in place while running; in case you don’t how to choose the most effective and supportive knee brace.

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How to choose best brace to keep knee in place while running?

Before diving into the details of the 10 best braces to keep knee in place while running, I chose to put at your fingertips these five features that determine whether a given brace is good or bad.

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Comfort and Fits:

I know that most of you plan to buy their running knee brace online so it wouldn’t be possible to try it before purchasing. That said, it is necessary to consider some specs like size and weight which are deemed as the main factors of comfort and fit.

You want a knee brace that is lightweight and is fairly true to size. For the size, make sure you have the accurate measurement of your thigh, then choose a size that is a bit smaller not bigger as the brace is meant to run loose. Your brace should be made of a non-slip fabric construction like nylon and spandex.


A comfortable knee brace is definitely breathable. Yeah, breathability is undeniably one of the basics of choosing the right running knee brace.

The importance of breathability lies in the prevention of overheating. In warmer weather conditions and when in motion you will surely sweat if your brace isn’t breathable that will make your knee airless and stuffy.

If your knee brace isn’t breathable enough and there is not enough fresh air travelling through its material, that will result in a feel of discomfort and other problems like blisters.  

Stability /Stays in Place:

Ligaments are bands of tough elastic tissue which hold the bones together. When the ligaments within one’s knee become damaged, the joint becomes unstable and painful. That is why you feel like you are going to fall at any moment when you are running, walking, exercising, sometimes when you are just standing.

So to avoid all of that it is necessary to purchase a knee brace that was constructed to offer maximum support and stability to your ligament thus your knee joint.


Some people blame running for the knee pain that they suffer from. In fact, it is the way they run that is to blame because when you don’t run properly your knees carry your body’s whole weight. That leads to knee injuries and pains.

So to support your knees you need knee braces that come with a great level of support. In general, lateral support braces are the best for running as they provide the highest level of support.

That’s thanks to their hinged portions which tend to keep your knees straight by stopping them from caving in and out.


The most sophisticated knee braces are those which come with well-designed compression sleeves.

They are fantastically useful for runners who want to improve the knee blood circulation when running, walking or just standing. They do that by controlling and regulating the temperature thus protect you from knee injuries that have to do with stiff and cold joints.

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Best brace to keep knee in place while running Reviews:

Thanks to the reviews below you are going to find out which product is the brace of your dreams. Take your enough time to read the below 10 braces’ features attentively to make a decision that is fairly perfect for a perfect running experience.

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Shock Doctor Knee brace review

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Click to see on Amazon

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Shock Doctor is one of the most famous brands in the realm of mouth-guard technology and sports protection. This brace is one of their products which have so far hit it big. It is useful for several knee injuries and aches as it offers great deal of support and stability.

Shock Doctor Knee brace was designed to offer an effective and moderate support for minor and grade II sprains as well as joint pain, recovery instabilities and strains, arthritis pain relief and others.

It also works as preventer that protects you against lateral and minor patella instabilities, meniscus injuries and minor ligament sprains. It does all of thanks to its padded patella buttress which is deemed as the stabilizer of knee cap while providing joint alignment and therapeutic warmth that is important for blood circulation.

This product utilizes a pre-curved anatomical design and side stabilizer with flexible support. For extra and lasting comfort the brace also features a premium stitching assemble and patella support in addition to a four-way stretch Lycra mesh at back of knee. Buyers with latex allergy have nothing to worry as the brace is latex free and comes with easy to grip finger tabs when fitting.

The material of the brace is neoprene which is known for its ventilation and moisture-wicking compression.

One can but love the details about Shock Doctor knee brace; especially the features that ensure comfort and stability to protect and help the knee heal faster. I also like it that the brace fits both left and right knee so you can buy only and use for both.

You must be wondering about its drawbacks, well there is a slight problem with the sizing. Most buyers who ordered without asking for the help of the customers service received smaller of bigger braces.

On the whole, Shock Doctor designed a brace that can help your knee heal while improving your ability to get around comfortably at a cheaper price.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the shock Doctor Knee brace on Amazon

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Copper knee brace Review

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Click to see on Amazon

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Copper knee sleeve has been designed with tennis, basketball, baseball players and goffers in mind to help reduce their fatigue and prevent muscle cramps. However, it proved to be useful for knee pain after surgery and arthritis relief.

It utilized an advanced compression technology to improve blood flow, disperse knee pressure, slow decompression. It is made of 60% copper fibre cloth, 32% nylon and 6% spandex and rubber.

This construction resulted in a quick-to –dry and air-permeable sleeve that aims at relieving muscle soreness and swelling; especially with its 3D weaving technology. It comes with a non-slip design which helps you exercise comfortably. Caution! This sleeve is not for people who are allergic to latex and rubber, it contains these two materials.

I like the fact that this sleeve comes with some interesting features that make it able to function like a knee brace; to some extent; to be the choice who don’t like knee braces.

The compression provided by this sleeve is much better than that provided by many knee sleeves. However, the fabric is not soft it is a little bit abrasive and rubbing.

I think this is a helpful sleeve with a successful design that satisfied many buyers who needed compression and support for lighter knee injuries. It is useful for many outdoor activities and that’s pretty good for a compression sleeve.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the Copper knee brace Review on Amazon

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Kowa Vantelin Knee Brace Review

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Click to see on Amazon

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Kowa Vantelin knee in its whole is constructed to offer joint protection and are a great comfort and support to many knee pains and post-surgery aches.

It is made of 90% nylon and 10% polyurethane that gave a product that is extremely lightweight and breathable. Kowa Vantelin brace boasts a U-shaped kinesiology tape structure which enables it to provide with the necessary qualities to support your patellar tendon (the cords that attach muscles to bones) when extending your knee.

For an enhanced level of ventilation and breathability this brace utilizes a cool mesh on the front and back panels that decreases sweating while offering comfort and support to your knee. Its top and bottom cuffs come with a seamless design to prevent slipping and bunching.

This brace from the Japanese brand Kowa Vantelin is amazingly lightweight and softer than many knee braces and sleeves. It is hardly noticed under clothes.

The only downside of this brace is durability. Many customers said it is great but it starts losing its strength after months of use. NB: you should follow washing instructions on the package to make sure your washing method won’t damage its fabric.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the Kowa Vantelin Knee Brace on Amazon

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DonJoy knee brace Review

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Click to see on Amazon

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The DonJoy Knee Brace features a fantastic level of support, comfort and protection from lateral forces that happen during sports activities. The Hex-shaped patella opening of the brace provides you with a unique stability.

It is designed with bilateral polycentric hinges with stops that prevents the forceful and beyond limits extension of knee to help support knee instability. To deliver the right fit, it features top and bottom stretch webbing closures with unique TPR pull tabs.

The manufacturer used a non-slip technology that they called “Anti-migration technology†to eliminate slipping. The amount of breathability is secured by many factors the most important one is the fabric of this brace which neoprene; a breathable fabric par excellence.

The brace comes with a reflective design for enhanced visibility when worn at night and low light conditions.

Apart the unique knee stability offered by this brace, I loved the small details about it like its stash pocket that is designed to keep your small essentials like cards or keys.

It got some downsides though. If you consider wearing this brace under clothes then expect to be annoyed by the Velcro closures which get caught on your clothes. It is not as durable as you may expect.

Overall, this DonJoy knee brace is good for athletes who work out to hard, thus need a brace that offers a super high level of stability to protect their knees.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of DonJoy knee brace on Amazon

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Mueller knee brace review

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Click to see on Amazon

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Mueller knee brace helps heal or prevent common knee injuries, pains and ailments, for example, postoperative irritation and pain, patellar lateralization, femoral pain syndrome, PCL, ACL as well as complex instabilities.

It is made of a super soft and breathable perforated neoprene blend that is good at retaining heat to improve blood flow and promote healing. With its wrap-around design it is so easy to put on and take off this brace. It features well-designed flexible steel springs that aim at enhancing lateral support.

There are criss-cross straps that make a self-adjusting knee brace while controlling its compression.  It is worth mentioning that this knee brace offers an advanced level of support; especially for minor sprains, arthritic knee conditions and strains.

Unlike many knee braces, this product is always true to size. All it users recommend it for its great and exceptional fit. It fits well and that means it provides a great deal of support and compression.

If you ask me how long this fantastic brace lasts, my answer is a bit disappointing. Yeah, it starts fraying after a few months of use.

In a word, if you need a great brace to use for a few months, for example, after a knee surgery then this one will be a great choice, but if you need a brace that is durable I advise you to choose another one. Read all the reviews in this list there are some great ad durable knee braces.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of Mueller knee brace on Amazon.

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Incrediwear knee sleeve review

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Click to see on Amazon

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Incrediwear promises to make your life incredible by putting at your disposal this knee sleeve. It is designed to improve blood circulation and optimize the body’s recovery process to ensure a faster muscle soreness relief.

Concerning Incrediwear knee sleeve’s material, it is made with semiconductor elements that are stimulated by body temperature to increase flow and optimize the body’s natural healing process and muscle soreness relief as well.

The sleeve is breathable, moisture-wicking and lightweight that’s because its main material is nylon. The brand promises that their right and left sleeve is not any product as it is provides anti-inflammatory therapy, it non-invasive and constructed to help decrease inflammation and relieve pain from chronic or acute joint injuries. It also helps alleviate symptoms related to arthritis, sprains, tendonitis and ligament injuries as well.

Incrediwear promised and kept its promise. This sleeve is amazing if you want to reduce your knee pain or help it recover faster after an injury; it is really effective.

Unfortunately that’s not a totally perfect sleeve. It imperfection lies in the sizing which rarely comes right as well as the fact that it doesn’t dry fast after getting wet.

So, make sure you ordered the right size; otherwise you will receive a sleeve that is too tight or too loose to reduce your knee pain.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the Incrediwear knee sleeve on Amazon

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EzyFit Knee Brace review

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_code _builder_version=”4.4.2″ text_orientation=”center” custom_margin=”||-1px|||”][/et_pb_code][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″]

Click to see on Amazon

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The EzyFit Knee Brace is for those who suffer from arthritic joint and other knee problems. The brand prides itself on the construction of this effective brace that comes with different specs making it a supportive and comfortable brace.

This brace is very helpful for those who struggle with knee pains and aches. It can be used when you are exercising or just resting. It features three reinforced double stitching and sturdy Velcro straps to ensure it delivers the required degree of compression and support.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of the other braces, the EzyFit brace provides you with three sizes so that you can easily pick up the size that will work better for you.

The available sizes are: Medium for knee measuring 10â€-15â€, Large 14″-17â€, and XL for 16â€-24â€. It was constructed with anti-slip bi-directional straps system which ensures an alternating wrapping from all the different angles to stabilize the patella and keep the knee joint stable while in motion.

More than that, it has 4 side stabilizers, two on each side of the knee to ensure a high level of lateral support. The EzyFit brace has an open patella that gives the knee more flexibility when you are moving.

The brace is also constructed of mostly neoprene with polyester and nylon. These three materials are highly appreciated for the comfort and breathability that they offer.

I love how sophisticated is EzyFit brace. In addition to its ability to keep your knee stable it helps heal different knee issues like arthritis, Tendonitis, knee surgery, Meniscus Tear, ACL and LCL.

The weakness of this brace is found in its tighter design. Most users who bought it said that it is good, yet it is difficult to wear all day long; especially if you have chunky legs.

I think that this a perfect knee brace for runners who want a great two-in-one brace as it stabilizes, protects and helps heal knee problems.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the EzyFit Knee Brace on Amazon

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Futuro knee brace review

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_code _builder_version=”4.4.2″ text_orientation=”center” custom_margin=”||-1px|||”][/et_pb_code][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″]

Click to see on Amazon

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″ inline_fonts=”Georgia”]

Futuro is a knee brace that comes with a compression sleeve inside to provide compression to runners and sports players while boosting their knee stability.

It comes with spiral stabilizers to deliver the required compression and stability. It is essentially designed to offer support to knees affected by symptoms related to sprains, strains, and other knee injuries.

The brace features a plush gel cushioning to guarantee a high level of comfort around runner’s kneecap. It is a lightweight brace that boasts a contoured fit designed specifically for women runners. You can always adjust it to have a custom fit using the straps.  

I like the white colour of this brace which allows you to wear even under light coloured clothes; the white colour has been chosen to please women runners who don’t like the black colours.

The design of Futuro knee brace is not bulky but slips down. The Velcro closures do not help adjust the fit; they are almost useless if you have small legs.

In a nutshell, women runners who have chunky legs and need a comfortable and supportive knee brace and compression sleeve can rely on this one.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the Futuro knee brace on Amazon

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.2″ custom_padding=”15px|||||”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.2″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″ custom_margin=”||3px|||” inline_fonts=”Arial”]

Vive hinged knee brace review

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_code _builder_version=”4.4.2″ text_orientation=”center” custom_margin=”25px||-1px|||” custom_padding=”||11px|||”][/et_pb_code][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″]

Click to see on Amazon

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″ inline_fonts=”Georgia”]

It was made to be used for daily exercising purposes. The Vive hinged knee brace features some specs that help it surround knee tendons, ligaments and muscles with compression and support.

Vive Hinged Knee brace is constructed of breathable and lightweight neoprene blend. It can be used on the left or right knee; especially with the use of its four fastener straps that help get a customized and comfortable fit.

It has an open patella design which aims at relieving pressure on the knee cap while providing the necessary stability to prevent common knee injuries which are caused by pressure.

There are two removable hinges which were designed with the intention of supporting the knee tendons, ligaments and joints.

The hinged are constructed with tempered aluminium to help you remove them smoothly from the integrated sleeve when you are not exercising and don’t need extra support. To keep the runners’ knee cool and do not cause blisters, this brace is made of neoprene that is moisture-wicking and helps the air flow in and out.

The Vive Hinged knee brace is so far a success. Many runners love it for the support that it offers when running, they say it helps stabilize the knee although you don’t even feel like you are wearing a brace.

It seems like effective products don’t last. The problem of this knee is stitching which causes the Velcoro closures to lose their grip.

I see that this a great knee brace for its price. You can try out if you don’t run and work out on a daily basis as it starts losing its quality after a few months of use.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the Vive hinged knee brace on Amazon

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Mcdavid knee strap review

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_code _builder_version=”4.4.2″ text_orientation=”center” custom_margin=”||-1px|||”][/et_pb_code][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″]

Click to see on Amazon

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″ inline_fonts=”Georgia,Geostar”]

For runners who don’t like the long design of common knee braces, here is a brace with a small design. Mcdavid claims that this brace is not only for mood-boosting and weight loss runners but also for professional runners. So let’s take a look at its features to see to what extent is that right.

It has an adjustable hook and loop closure that is why it comes in one size that can be customized to fit everyone and both the right and left knee.  It features an innovative tubular and effective non-slip buttress that aims at providing continuous compression and support to the patellar tendon.

The brace is latex-free and made of the neoprene fabric that helps boost the runners’ performance. The small and useful design of the brace makes it good for different activities including running, walking, hiking and others.

This brace has become many runners’ favourite brace thanks to the amount of comfort and pain relief amount that it generously offers.

The manufacturer says that the brace comes with an adjustable hook and loop to fit everyone. However, many customers say that it comes in different sizes.

Overall, take a few minutes of your time to ask for the assistance of the customer service to receive the most suitable size in this effective and helpful small brace.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the Mcdavid knee strap on Amazon

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Wrap up:

So and so, as you can see, above I put at your fingertips 10 best braces to keep knee in place while running. I chose the products independently and it took me ages to select the best products on the market to help you save your time and energy.

The knee braces in this buyer guide are all useful and effective. It is only the differences in their functions and features which make each one of them suitable for a certain running needs and not for others. That is to say, you need to read every single review to figure out which brace is going to work perfectly for you.


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