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The 10 Best Compression Running Shorts With a Phone Pocket in 2021

August 9, 2020| Clothing

I have no problem to do some wacky things from time to time but to wear a running skirt “hah” I really can’t stop giggling.

Eep! Don’t take me wrong, that has nothing to do with gender roles I just can’t run in a skirt.

If you are like me, take a look at my handpicked list of 10 best compression running shorts with phone pocket for men.

I hope you will find the right pair for you to make your runs great and more comfortable.

The 10 Best Compression Running Shorts With a Phone Pocket in 2021

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Neleus Compression Shorts NeleusCheck Price on Amazon
Bonim Compression Shorts GerberCheck Price on Amazon
Silkworld Compression Shorts SilkworldCheck Price on Amazon

If you’re interested in learning what to look for when buying a (new) pair of compression running shorts with phone pocket, make sure to read our buying guide below as well!

The Best Compression Running Shorts With Phone Pocket for Men Reviews

Now, let’s dive into the main part of this article, with our top 10 list of the best compression shorts with a convenient phone pocket.

1. Neleus Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

At last but not at least, it is the turn of Neleus men’s 3 pack compression short with pocket.

These compression shorts run true to their size and are comfortable thanks to their design that makes them neither too loose nor overbearingly tight. They are suitable for running and other training activities.

Their material is hand and machines washable. It blends 85% polyester and 15% spandex. They have one pocket that you can use keep your phone out of the way and it is large enough for big mobile phones.

Its ergonomic seams and stretchy waistband and fabric offer a natural feel and comfort while keeping your dry.

Why I like it: It always feels good to find a pair of compression shorts that come true to their size exactly and fit great, not too loose or tight. These Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Compression Short are that sort of shorts.

Potential Drawbacks: These are good compression shorts. However, you shouldn’t expect an excellent muscle support and protection.

Overall, if you are looking for compression shorts that can work for you in all seasons these shorts are a good fit. They work perfectly for activities that are not hard like yoga and squat and some gym workout activities.

Check price and read more reviews about the Neleus Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
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2. Pinkbomb Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

Whoa! I literally have no doubt that these running shorts were designed to rock it! PinkBomb integrated even the smallest details that you as a runner may need in your running shorts.

The most amazing thing about them and which makes it the most exquisite shorts on the market is the fact that they are two in one shorts which offer an ideal comfort. I bit you have just murmured “hmm, that’s all?” Well, there are other details that will steal your heart; especially the fantastic pockets they have.

To cut a long story short, these compression running shorts with  pockets for men boast a bunch of unique features.

At the level of product’s material, these are compression running shorts whose outer layer is mesh fabric that gives a distinguished breathability.

For the compression tights, they are stretchy, smooth and sturdy enough to reduce the risk of injury. They feature a two in one design that’s distinguished by the elastic built-in compression thigh muscles for a better performance and flexibility.

The designers thought of runners who adore exercising while listening to their favourite music and podcasts as they designed the shorts with a wonderful phone pocket and headphone jack (small hole)

In addition to the other two outside side pockets, these shorts feature a hidden and small zippered pocket to keep your valuable things safe like your keys and credit cards. These men running shorts also have and elastic waistband and drawcord.

For the elastic, it would but suit your waist perfectly while the drawcord aim is to prevent your shorts from sliding down. I guessed you have already wowed!

Why I like these shorts: They simply went beyond my expectations. These running shorts are comfortable, high-quality, stylish and have amazing pockets to hold one’s essentials at a very affordable price.

Potential drawbacks: To be honest I was trying to find a single bad thing about these shorts then I realized that that was mere a waste of time; they are ideally perfect.

I personally would say hat off to PinkBomb for designing such almost flawless running shorts with an amazing zipper pocket. They are great and comfortable for running and any other workout activity.

Check price and read more reviews about the Pinkbomb Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
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3. Bonim Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

Bonim Mens 2 in 1 running shorts ranked second among the other shorts in this buyer guide deservedly.

This product got its own reasons to be deemed great. Without mentioning their highly-acclaimed and quality material, the shorts come with an iconic multi-pocket design to allow runners hold all their valuable things and keep them safe no matter the sport activity they exercise.

They also feature a towel loop and reflective logo which shows that these running shorts were designed great care and intelligence.

Wait please there is no to cry out for further information, I am to talk about its features in details.

Let’s start by the material,  the outer layer shorts are a smooth combination of 5% spandex, 95% polyester and mesh fabric.

this combination resulted in a pair of shorts that are breathable, lightweight and quick-dry, built-in 87% Polyester+13% Spandex legging liner tight fitting shorts to prevent chafing and friction.

There are two deep side pocket in the outer shorts, one concealed zipper pocket for credit cards, cash or keys and a phone pocket in the lined compression shorts and a fifth zippered pocket on the back of the shorts.

Bonim men’s 2 in 1 running shorts have an excellent elastic waistband that you can easily adjust until it fits comfortably thanks to its internal drawstrings.

Do you tend to throw a towel over your shoulders as you exercise and it keeps falling off every single time? These shorts feature a towel loop at the back for a more convenient exercise.

Why I like it: Bonim Mens 2 in 1 running shorts provide a one-of-a-kind comfort and are designed to be useful for a variety of activities like training, cycling, golf and others on top of running.

Potential Drawbacks: In all honesty, the bottom portion of the lined compression shorts is loose around the seam the thing which makes the shorts somehow loose around the leg.

As I said above these shorts with inside zipper pocket for men aren’t any shorts. They have been smartly design to be the best of the rest, they were made sophisticated so that you can comfortably use them for more than one purpose. They are simply fancy running shorts that do a great job and are worth every penny.

Check price and read more reviews about the Bonim Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

4. Bergrisar Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

These shorts are almost the same as Bonim 2 in 1 men’s running shorts there are a few differences between the two.

They come with an elastic waistband that is equipped with an internal drawcord for a customizable fit.

These polyester and spandex blend running or hiking  shorts are distinguished by their unique quick-drying technology that aims at keeping runners dry and cool all day long.

BERGRISAR prides itself on releasing this pair of shorts with a range of specifications that make them a smart product.

Let’s talk about their blended fabric, the outer shorts are built of 95% polyester and 5% spandex and the inner compression shorts of 88% polyester and 12% spandex; this gave a wonderfully lightweight, stretchy and comfortable  fabric.

We all have a story with shorts that fit us in the morning and start sagging by the end of the day; that’s not funny; these shorts can put an end to your suffering.

They are equipped with an elastic waistband that is itself equipped with drawcord to allow you customize your fit for extra comfort.

The shorts feature four pockets, one inner pocket in the lined compression shorts with earphone hole, one zipper pocket on left side to keep your valuables out of the way and two large side pockets.

Runners who prefer night-time running would love the highly reflective and visible logo on these breathable and fast dry shorts.

Why I like it: I like it that these shorts are made to help sweaty people run comfortably in hot temperatures. Their moisture-wicking function provides an amazingly extra breathability to help them get rid of sweat quickly, also stay cool all the time.

Potential Drawbacks: The first thing that I personally didn’t like is the headphone jack that wasn’t well-designed as it is somehow difficult to get your headphone wires smoothly through it. Also they come in three colours only; black, grey and blue.

Overall, these shorts don’t boast a unique design. However, it is crystal-clear that they were created with great intention as everything about them is well done and effectively designed except the headphone jack.

Check price and read more reviews about the Bergrisar Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

5. Ykb Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

Here again we have a pair of 2 in 1 workout running shorts. These shorts have all the “competencies” to be your daily companion. You can use them for workout and simply normal wear; they are trendy.

They come with a perfectly tight phone pocket for those who feel incomplete and cut off without their mobile phone; I am one of them.

To talk about its feature, let me please tell you that the design of these shorts is ideal for those who want to appeal their fit physique and show their perfectly sculpted abs and legs.

Their fabric is 95% polyamide and 5% polyester and that explains why they feel excellently soft and comfortable. They also dry fast thanks to their super breathable material.

Their inner layer is compression fabric which helps support the wearer thigh muscle while exercising. The lined compression shorts have a liner pocket that you can use to keep your phone. Otherwise, you can put it in one of the two front zippered pockets.

You need extra storage? There is another back zippered pocket.  The YKB 2 in 1 shorts don’t snag and can fit great; especially that they have contrasting drawstrings that you can always adjust.

Why I like it? : YKB did a great job when designing such running shorts that are useful for all types of outdoor activities. They are amazing for hot weather workouts thanks to their lightweight and breathable liner shorts.

Potential drawbacks: Oops! There is a problem about these shorts. I am wondering if the designers of these shorts don’t use smartphones; especially the big ones? The liner phone pocket is really small for the latest big mobile phones.

Anyway, if it doesn’t fit, try taking off the phone case or just go for the other zippered pockets.

All in all, these shorts are excitingly stylish, they fit great, come in different colours and are useful for several activities.

So if you have no problem to have shorts with a small liner pocket and without headphone jack then these might be your shorts.

Check price and read more reviews about the Ykb Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
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6. Gafeng Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

Gafeng men 2 in 1 running shorts are ranked the fifth here for one main reason which is their very cheap price.

the manufacturer tried hard to integrate some very important features in these shorts but that didn’t push them to release it at a higher price to be affordable for anyone.

Are you keen to discover what features these cheap shorts come with?

Well, there are many the most important one is the material which is made of 90% cotton and 10 % spandex and that’s the secret behind the soft and cool fabric on the skin of the wearer.

There is about 3.5 inch inseam of outer shorts and about 5 inch inseam of inner shorts. The seams and waistband of this pair are made to be at once durable and comfortable.

In addition to the towel loop, there are four pockets among which there is a liner pocket and two front pockets and one back zippered pocket for additional storage. That’s all?

No, there is the liner built-in compression that supports the thigh muscle for the sake of improving runners’ performance and mobility.

Why I like it? As I mentioned above, this is a decent pair of shorts for such a price; especially that they provide a good deal of comfort.

Potential Drawbacks: It’s quite normal to find such affordable running shorts with a few drawbacks which is the case with Gafeng Men’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts.

Their lining compression is to some extent loose and that means it doesn’t provide the support it is meant to provide. The second drawback is the fabric which looks cheaper than expected.

In a nutshell, runners who are after a pair of running shorts at a very reasonable price and with plausible feature can purchase these shorts by Gafeng at the end of the day they are useful for a number of workout and gym activities.

Check price and read more reviews about the Gafeng Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
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7. Silkworld Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

Well people, there might someone among you who is not looking for those “2 in 1 shorts”. No worries, I got it all in this buyer guide for you.

Silkworld men’s compression shorts are what some of you might love the most. These shorts are known for their high-quality and breathable material, extreme comfort and their amazing side pockets for storage as well.

To wit, their high-quality material is blends in 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex. This combination makes these shorts durable and skin-friendly; especially that they feature Flatlock seams which themselves add a great deal of protection and softness.

The primary intention behind wearing compression shorts is to help one’s muscles relieve and relax that is why these shorts come with with fashionable and comfortable elastic letters waistband to offer runners extra comfort as well as protection against harmful sun rays.

To do not forget they have two side pockets to keep your essentials safe and they are tight to prevent your content from falling.

Why I like it: I literally have nothing to say about these compression shorts they are completely cool and comfortable; needless to say that there are other shorts with the same features but at higher prices so these shorts are a great pair to try out.

Potential Drawbacks: I still don’t understand why the manufacturer asks buyers to order one size down to get more compression.  These are compression shorts and that says they should provide enough compression in all the available sizes.

Well, I am pretty sure that you will be happy with the design and material of these compression shorts: why not if they provide the comfort and protection that you need when exercising. It is worth mentioning that their pockets perfectly fit large phones.

Check price and read more reviews about the Silkworld Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
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8. 1994 Fashion Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

It always feels great to find a pair of compression shorts that don’t change with time and don’t ride up. And it is always a pleasure to share with you my experience with these fantastic and comfy shorts.

They feature an elastic, flexible and stretchy material and come with exterior pockets.

The stretchy material of 1994Fashion shorts is made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. If you are knowledgeable about materials you would understand that the shorts will be able to wick away sweat and keep you cool and dry all day long.

The exterior side pockets are very helpful as you can rely on them to secure your expensive items wherever you go.

They were sewn with an elastic and firm waistband for a more convenient and comfortable workout. These compression shorts feature excellent flat seams to prevent any kind of irritation and chafing.

Why I like it: I highly recommend these compression shorts because they are really flawless. They are comfortable, hand and machine washable and more than that they come in different colours to satisfy everyone.

Potential Drawbacks: to be honest again, these shorts are ranked after SILKWORLD compression shorts; knowing that they are almost similar; for one reason which is their price.

I think that their a little bit higher price; in comparison with similar products; is their only flaw.

However, if you want my opinion these are the sort of compression shorts that you will buy and never ask yourself: For God’s sake why did I spend such an amount of money on a clothing item that I am going to use to sweat in? Oh yeah, they are worth it.

Check price and read more reviews about the 1994 Fashion Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

9. Ursexyly Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

You don’t know what to do about weight gain during quarantine time? Okay, what if I share smart trick with you?

In fact it’s not a trick it’s Ursexyly Men Weight Loss Sauna Sweat Workout Short. They were designed to breathable but effective for weight loss. Their intelligent design aims at helping the wearer sweat more while staying comfortable and cool.

To elaborate more on their features, these are running pants with an excellent compression to help your legs sweat more thus burn more calories than when  wearing other compression pants when e exercising.

It is right that these are sauna sweat workout short but that never means they will set you on fire.

They are neoprene pants that feature breathable fibres to allow air to constantly reach your skin to keep you cool.

Their smart design and material that allow it to dry fast makes these shorts a great option for a myriad of sports activities like cycling, yoga and hiking.

alsoThey are effective to lose weight as they are designed with an excellent internal texture to enhance sweat on abs in order to reduce the abdomen, waist and thighs.

Why I like it? These are really great shorts for such a price. They fit true to size and come with a uniquely high-quality material. So you can spend $21 to get effective sauna shorts that will stay years with you.

Potential Drawbacks: there is only one complaint about these shorts which is not a big deal. It does come in merely one colour which is black.

Overall, this is one of the efficient solutions that anyone hoping to lose extra pounds would love to get ASAP. Oh wait, it’s not over, they got an amazing phone pocket.

Check price and read more reviews about the Ursexyly Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

10. EverWorth Compression Shorts With Phone Pocket Review

Let’s go back to 2 in 1 shorts with these EVERWORTH Men’s 2-in-1 Bodybuilding Workout Shorts.

When reading the description of these shorts on Amazon, that is written by their brand you would definitely say: these are just as excellent as the running shorts that rank the first in this guide. Please wait! That might not be right.

These shorts feature a nice style and design and come with 4 pockets to secure your essentials as well as a comfortable and stretchy material for better performance.

Their material is built of 95% polyester and 5% spandex that is comfortable and reinforced by moisture-wicking technology for a cool workout performance. In terms of pockets, there is a liner phone pocket plus two front zipper pockets and another zippered pocket at the back for additional storage.

What I like about it: Emm! I am not good in giving compliments and courtesy phrases!

Potential Drawbacks: To keep it honest, it is clear that the brand made some efforts to make these shorts the best of the rest.

However, I guess this time they failed. The shorts come with more cons than pros which is not accepted by any sort of buyers; especially for such a price ($$).

The most obvious drawback is their  problem of sizes; they are not true to size at all and that’s a major problem among its buyers.

All in all, I would recommend these shorts just in case they are released cheaper. That’s a higher price for such a very decent quality.

Check price and read more reviews about the EverWorth Compression Shorts on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon
If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

How to Choose the Best Compression Running Shorts With Phone Pocket


The most important thing about any piece of clothing is comfort. Rare are the people who are ready to sacrifice comfort in the name of style; especially when it comes to sports apparel like running shorts.

Well, comfortable running shorts are the ones which are designed to be stretchy and to wick away moisture to keep you dry.

Concerning the size, always remember that the best running shorts are the shorter ones as the movement is linear, otherwise get ready for chafing and discomfort.


For a comfortable running experience you want your running shorts to be made of a material that is able to wick away moisture to keep you cool in hot weather.

I tried several shorts before writing this, thus, if you want my advice I would recommend you to go for synthetic materials like polyester, nylon or spandex. If you don’t want to wear underwear choose a pair of shorts that includes an inner lining.

Running shorts with a liner fabric feature extra security and comfort as it contributes to the moisture management and prevents thigh chafing.


Almost all runners say that running shorts without pockets are not their jam. That’s pretty normal as we all have some essential items that we are always carrying; whatever we do and wherever we go, for example, phone, keys and wallet.

So, if you long for a sophisticated pair of running shorts then opt for a pair that comes with zippered pockets to better secure your essentials.

Some shorts are designed with pockets that are big enough to hold all sizes of phones others have room for credit cards and keys only. That said, you should buy shorts with pockets that can hold your everyday essential items.


To make sure you get running shorts that are both practical and comfortable don’t forget to pay attention to their design. When it comes to design there are three primary types and designs of running shorts.

There is the Compression type, these shorts are made from spandex material and are named so for the pressure they provide to support your thighs and legs.

The second type is V-Notch running shorts; let’s say this is the most common design among athletes. They are simply called so for the upside-down v-shaped cut that it has from the half-inch of the hem.

Then there are split-Leg running shorts they are in a way like V-Notch shorts, they have a cut seam up of their side. The split-leg design of these shorts hems gives the runner more freedom to move his leg back and forth smoothly and without that feel of constriction.


All in all, above I tried to review the ten  best compression running shorts with phone pocket for men that are available on the market.

I relied on my experiences with these shorts as well as other buyers’ complaints and recommendations to provide you with an honest and effective buyer guide.

I tried hard to don’t skip any detail as I know how vital it is to have shorts that fit perfectly thus don’t deprive you of the fun and thrills a sport activity gets to offer.

Finally to conclude this post, let’s again look at some of our top picks when it comes to compression running shorts with phone pockets;

Neleus Compression Shorts NeleusCheck Price on Amazon
Bonim Compression Shorts GerberCheck Price on Amazon
Silkworld Compression Shorts SilkworldCheck Price on Amazon

Happy hiking!

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