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Teva Terra Fi 4 vs Terra Fi Lite Sandals: 2021 Comparison

June 29, 2020| Clothing

Jamming your feet into boots every time you go outdoors is not a solution for the long run.

it’s a colossal mistake, and Feet need to breathe fresh air while having a fantastic fit around them! They need to have the ability to stretch in open spaces while carrying a lightweight; therefore, a sandal is more suitable, it’s also easy and fast to wear than bots too!

Nowadays, sports sandals are typical for people to choose as their footwear while working in the backyard, strolling around the town, or going out on a hike in the woodlands. That’s because they are an astonishingly diverse, lightweight, and comfortable choice.

Teva designed sandals to be an all-around durable travel sandal for avid hikers and mountain climbers.

They are Capable of both lengthy hikes and relaxed strolls through the city. These heavy-duty sandals are explicitly made to keep up with your adventures no matter where it goes.

Teva Terra Fi 4 vs Terra Fi Lite : Quick Comparison

ImageProductWeight ( Pair)Price On Amazon
ImageTeva Men’s Terra FI 4 For Men1 lb. 13 ozCheck Today’s Price on Amazon
ImageMy Pick
Teva Men’s Terra Fi Lite For Men
1 lb. 2 ozCheck Today’s Price on Amazon
ImageTeva Women’s W Terra Fi 41 lb. 9.4 oz.Check Today’s Price on Amazon
My Pick
Teva Women’s W Terra Fi Lite
14.6 ozCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

What is the difference Between Teva Terra Fi 4 vs Terra Fi Lite ?

The main difference is the weight, the Teva Terra Fi Lite (10 oz or 0.28 kg) is very lightweight in comparison to the Teva Terra Fi 4(14.5 oz or 0.4 KG), and the later sole is synthetic with a molded CPU midsole. Yet, the Terra Fi Lite is made of rubber soles and an Eva midsole that grants extreme comfort.

Another difference is the material of the straps, the Teva Terra Fi lite were made entirely of polyester and nylon to provide greater flexibility than the terra fi 4 which is made out of textile.

The Tiva Terra Fi Lite has a broader color range in comparison with its counterpart.

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Teva Terra Fi 4 review and Features:

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The Teva Terra Fi 4 is the most advanced in this extensive line of Teva’s timeless sandals. Intended to be an all terrain, sporty sandal, the Terra Fi 4 is lightweight (with just 14.5 oz or 0.4 KG) yet also durable and supportive.

It features Polyester webbing straps that dry quickly and withstand abrasion. 

It supports your foot on any rugged or uneven surface thanks to its Nylon shank, which makes it feel like there is a cloud on your feet

Teva even treats these shoes with Microban, which aids to prevent foot smell due to its anti-microbial attributes.

It has a specially designed cushioned Shoc Pad in the heel that absorbs impact where you require it most as it helps take off some of the stress of long hikes, a unique moulded PU midsole to cradle your foot and support it.

With three adjustable straps, it’s so easy to get a secure fit that didn’t allow any rubbing and a secure hook-and-loop closure system for a fast, comfortable fit.

One of the best design details is that the sole is curved so your toes don’t slip off the end and there’s a little rise at the rump to protect the heel.

Check Today’s Price And Read More Reviews of the teva terra fi 4 on Amazon

Terra Fi Lite review and Features:

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The Teva Terra Fi Lite is considered to be one of the most reliable Teva’s sandals.

It is exceptionally lightweight (with 10 oz or 0.28 kg), It is designed to handle all unusual terrains that you walk or climb on. It is really sporty, and you can use it in various activities or outings.

It’s also very hugging for your feet.  has a leather upper part that can protect and hold tour foot in place and prevents slippage. It has a secure hook, and loop closure that comes off very quickly and makes your first fit just nicely inside the actual sandal. Its spider original rubber outsole resists that annoying rubbing against your foot.

they designed a nylon shank that helps stabilize, and it supports your feet on any bumpy.

uneven terrain that you might stumble on during your adventures, it is treated with a micro brand, it’s basically a zinc based antimicrobial technology that actually helps your foot not stink as it prevents smells and odors, a shark pad in the heel cushions your feet, and it absorbs impact where you need it most.

It features also a large color assortment to fit the personality and taste of all customers.

Check Today’s Price And Read More Reviews of the teva terra fi lite on Amazon

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Features comparison between Teva Terra Fi 4 and Terra Fi Lite


While both Teva Terra Fi 4 and the Terra Fi Lite sandals are incredibly comfortable, but they sure do have some differences. Let us dive deeper.

The TEVA TERRA FI 4  features a Synthetic sole for sandals and they are very comfortable, Molded PU midsole for premium cushioning that support your foot and hug them perfectly, its soul is very soft and Squishy it can actually Grant you a perfect bent on your toes and your overall foot.

It’s very dynamic and useful, a lot of people have described this sandal as having a cloud at your feet, and we approve!

As for the Terra Fi Lite  , it features a rubber sole, and its midsole is an EVA midsole that is made specifically for lightweight well-cushioned support, especially at the heel where there is a blended polyurethane and EVA unit called a Shoc Pad designed to evenly transfer the energy of impact throughout the footbed and away from the heel. It’s undoubtedly comfortable on that aspect.

The sole unit is curved with arch support and a well for the heel. It flexes easily. The tread is made from durable rubber and has an intricate pattern that grips well.

For more comfort, both of the sandals had a Microban zinc-based odor resistant treatment to grant you an odourless experience.

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Stability and Traction:

Customers agree that they don’t have to worry about losing footing or fear a sprung ankle with both the Terra Fi 4 and the Terra Fi Lite, let us take a look at why

Teva Terra Fi 4 is made out of Textile, that’s very steady, yet it grants you a secure grip and stability, thanks to its toothy deep tread blocks, it is very versatile as its Water-ready polyester webbing reaches up to the elements and dries very quickly after getting wet and that can stop any slipping from happening.

Two adjustable hook and loop closure straps secure your foot in place.

The Teva Terra Fi Lite is made 100% Polyester and Nylon, and it is a genuine hiking sandal, robust, durable, and able to have an extreme grip on rocks and tough terrain. It has versatile utilities, and it can be worn anywhere.

The spider rubber outsole is there to grant you a great traction and durability without missing out on the flexibility.

The three Velcro straps really hold the foot in place and provide it with a stable ground holding. There are also rigid plastic connectors situated between the straps and the soft linings at certain pressure points, to keep everything in place even while driving.

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Adjustability and Fit:

Both the Teva Terra Fi Lite and the Teva Terra Fi 4 are true to size according to many reviews online, and they are highly adjustable no matter which size of feet you have.

The Teva Terra Fi 4 has a heel height of 1 ½ inch, and it weighs around 1 lb

It has two modest grooves with a foot bed pattern that has No Frills, which reminds us of back to essential kind. It has straps that hug your feet in a comfortable position, and you can release a single strap to take off the sandal or wear it.

The Terra Fi Lite has a heel height of approximately 1 inch, and it is platform measures around 0.75 inches.

It is very custom fit through the easy to adjust three Velcro strap, they are a genuine Sporty sandal featuring strappy upper with three adjustable hook and loop closures.

And even for the ladies, they are not too masculine and are wide enough for slightly wider feet.

Are the Terra Fi 4 and Fi lite sandals water-resistant?

The two sandals are indeed waterproof with slight differences.

The Teva Fi Lite ones are not as waterproof as The Teva Terra Fi 4 for the simple reason that the leather has not been treated for water well enough. Therefore we don’t recommend submerging it in water for long periods of time.

The Teva Terra Fi 4 can definitely be worn in water for a long time because it is treated for that, It has better traction on land than on slippery surfaces in water. Still, it could be worn in water since it’s very durable, the only convenient is that since its sides are higher than the midsole, it feels like it collects water just like a bucket, and both o them won’t provide coverage for your toes.

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Potential drawbacks

After discussing all the good things about these two sandals, let us dive into the nitty gritty, the other side of the spectrum and see what the common complaints people had.

Teva Terra Fi 4 : 

•The seam of the footbed and outer part is vulnerable.
•The fabric on the straps separates from the velcro part.
•The footbed material is very soft. It has very limited pertinence for a hiking performance sandal.

Teva Terra Fi Lite :

•Too mushy that it lacks support.
•Blistering under the heel strap.
Stiff abrasive feeling and has sharp and rough edges.

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The price of sandals varies between labels and models; the variation in price gives the customer a range of affordable to premium products to choose from

The Teva Terra Fi 4 are the most expensive at a whopping  , considerably it does last for years so you’ll get what you are paying for, this heavy duty sandals was criticized by a lot of consumers for its high price.

Compared to the Teva Terra Fi Lite with a humble less price tag , which is understable due to the use of less material on it, and it being an older version.

The difference in price between these two is definitely noticeable and proves that the more expensive items doesn’t always mean the best ones!

CONCLUSION: which one should you choose?

ImageProductPrice On Amazon
ImageMy Pick
Teva Men’s Terra Fi Lite For Men
Buy on Amazon
My Pick
Teva Women’s W Terra Fi Lite
Buy on Amazon

Teva created the lightweight Terra Fi 4 as a hiking sandal that can surmount difficulties in and out of the water. Its supportive yet comfortable assembly did not fail to astonish consumers. The Shoc Pad technology certainly performed as presumed, too.

However, others were disgruntled with the latest upgrade as they felt that the previous versions were more fruitful with less of a price tag.

All things considered, our choice falls on The Terra Fi Lite that received mostly positive remarks from hiking enthusiasts. They particularly loved its comfortable foot bed, its supportive straps, and its lightweight. The affordable price also gained favor from consumers.

Inversely, sure it has some issues like skin chafing, unsatisfactory durability, and an obnoxious smell coming from the outsole.

But overall, the Terra Fi Lite is a reliable option for avid hikers and runners who want comfort, support and capable performance at a reasonable price.

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