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Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 Vs mini Griptilian 556: 2022 Knives Comparison

June 30, 2020| Gear

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Benchmade has been producing knives for law enforcement and army systems for decades. It is continuously exploring different ways to innovate and take it’s knives to another level by working with various top knife designers.

They utilize exclusive high class elements like modern powdered steel, titanium and other natural materials; The Company also has an original locking system called AXIS Lock, which is used in automatic and manual operation models.

Benchmade knives are classified into three separate classes: a Blue Class, Black Class, and Gold Class.

The Blue Class, which is also called the Recreation class, is designed for daily use and everyday users.

The Black Class is known as the Professional class, and it is made for the military and public security workers.

The Gold Class which is the highest class and it’s known as Collector class, which has a collection knife for those hardcore knife connoisseurs.

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Benchmade mini barrage 585 vs mini griptilian 556 : Quick Look

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ImageProductWeight DetailsPrice On Amazon
Image My Pick
Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556
2.56 ouncesHandle Material : Nylon
Blade Length : 2.91 in
Dimentions : 0.10 x 6.78 in
Check Today’s Price on Amazon
ImageBenchmade mini Barrage 5853.4 ouncesHandle Material : Valox
Blade Length : 2.91 in
Dimentions: 6.91 x 0.57 in
Check Today’s Price on Amazon

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What is the difference between Benchmade mini barrage 585 and mini griptilian 556?

The Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 and Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 are extremely sharp and great pocket knives and depending on what you need, you’ll find features that will adhere to your choice with both of them.

 The main differences between them are the fact that the Benchmade Mini Griptilian has a 3 ½ inches slim grip for average sized hands, The Benchmade Mini Barrage, being about ¼ inches  longer, and it has a thicker grip ,and it is heavier than the mini Griptilian.

As for the handles, they are fairly similar, both heavy and robust, same thing can be said about the blade.

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Benchmade mini barrage 585 review and Features

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Click to see on Amazon

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The Benchmade 585 mini barrage is a glorious, super sharp and well crafted. The blade is made of 154 CM stainless steel, and it has really superior G10 handles. 

With it being just under 3.7 inches closed, it is an assisted opening knife, with overall length is 6.9 inches, the blade knife sizing is at 2.91 inches, and a thickness of 0.1 inches, this fantastic knife weighs around 3.40 oz.

It has an AXIS mechanism that suits the ambidextrous thumb framings on the blade to permit the user to either close or open the knife with one single hand.

The grip movement of the AXIS that they created for this mini barrage style is very powerful, and it springs up back so quickly.

The mini barrage blade has a razor sharp edge, which will last a long time and won’t need much sharpening, which is a huge advantage.  

They have multiple versions to choose from like: 

The plain edge 585, black coated, and black coated, plain edge 585bk, combo edge 585sbk, combo edge 585s.

Check Price and read more reviews of the Benchmade mini barrage on Amazon

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Benchmade mini griptilian 556 review and Features

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The Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 knife is part of the most famous knives which have different variations with each module.

The mini Griptilian 556 is an excellent selection if you need a more petite everyday knife that you can carry with you anywhere.

This knife features a high-quality Modified blade made of 154CM stainless steel that lasts for decades. A famous AXIS opening and locking mechanism makes the utility way easier for the carrier, reversible pocket clip, and a safe handle that offers superior grip.

 The Mini Griptilian 556 knives make an excellent everyday carry knife with a blade length of 2.91 inches and 0.100 inches thick, when closed it measures at about 3.87 inches and opened at 6.78 inches, overall it weighs about 2.56 ounces so it’s very lightweight yet efficient.

One of the best outstanding design features of this model is its valox handle with 420J stainless steel liners, glass filled with g-10 scales and reversible pocket carry clip which is about 0.51 inches thick and it is firm and sturdy. 

As for the outer design, Benchmade made sure to make it rounded out when it comes to the shape of the handle so it prevents it from getting caught in your pocket.

Check Price and Read more reviews of the Benchmade Griptilian 556 on Amazon.

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performance comparison between Benchmade mini barrage 585 and mini griptilian 556:

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Utility and carry:

The main feature that we all look for in a knife is how well it'll fit in our pockets and it’s clip functionality and design, Benchmade is one of the leaders when it comes to that, so these two knives definitely were up to the challenge.

The Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 is not a deep carry-on knife, nonetheless, coupled with a considerable string hole beneath the clip screws, it works perfectly.

The clip has just the precise amount of tension on it. So it won't shred the pockets of your pants, shorts, or whatever you carry the knife on.

Mini Griptilian can move right or left, and tip-up carry only, you can opt for their deep right pocket clip which can tip upright or left ambidextrous and it fits

The Benchmade Mini barrage 585 is a lot similar to the Benchmade griptilian in the design of clip but with less tension, and it is totally fine, it still won't rip out your jeans or anything, another thing I that the clip it doesn't go deep in the pocket and it tips up sometimes right or left, so keep in mind that it will definitely have a much higher ride in your pocket.

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Blade Materials and Sharpening:

The Benchmade mini barrage 585 and the Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 both have a 154CM stainless steel blade, its super sharp and long lasting.

The blade of the Mini Griptilian 556 is a drop point shape, which features a hollow grind and a sledge. This gives you a helpful tip for piercing and detail work, and it is made with carbon, molybdenum and chromium, which have excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention.

This model the blade just holds for weeks or months depending on how much you use it, and it doesn't chip when it gets dull mainly if you use it for cardboard or rope cutting. It just loses its edge slightly, but you can actually just tune it back up with some easy sharpening.

The Benchmade mini barrage 558 has amazing edge holding capacity, it also has a drop point blade which doesn't make it any different from the griptilian, and it gives you excellent control and precision.

It has a considerable surface area to it which makes cutting or slicing anything feels like it's going through butter, as for the edge retention they upgraded it to the CPMC 30v, so it doesn't have the same capabilities as the mini griptilian.

Both blades seem to have a shiny satin finish to them which makes them look more professional.

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Handle Materials:

Benchmade always makes sure to choose great materials to provide you with a great handle; these two pocket knives have a different handle material and dimensions, so let's explore them.

The mini barrage 585 overall lengths is 4 inches with a maximum thickness of 0.7 inch thick overall, it has been upgraded, with g10 textured handle scales with gray ribbing that is made out of fibreglass, it provides a comfortable and secure grip on the handle, it’s very lightweight and easy to use yet durable.  

The Mini griptilian 556 is overall length is 3.87 inches with a maximum thickness 0.51 inches, it is made out of Fibre reinforced nylon it is very lightweight and fitting for the handle perfectly, which makes perfect for everyday use, the handle has some scales on the back of it which looks like a diamond pattern for a better grip and traction.

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Ergonomics of a knife means how it's designed for efficiency and comfort in any environment that you deploy it in. Benchmade made sure to grant the two models at hand with a different set of assist systems and construction. 

The mini Barrage 585 feels comfortable and helpful in the hand, it steel liners and spring mechanism, that's why it's a bit heavy.

This knife has a robust open assist system, Benchmade placed a safety on the ridge of the handle to prevent it from opening up in your pocket, it's locked when turned forward, so when you draw it out of your pocket, all you have to do is flip it back. It is unlocked and equipped to be flipped open.

A slight push on the knob connected to the blade is all it takes to engage the supported opening system, making this ideal for one-handed use.

The Benchmade Mini griptilian 556 has excellent construction with a gray overlay and blue offsets, it weighs less because of the lack of spring-loaded mechanisms, and there isn't much of the handle material overall.

so it's great for people with smaller hands, the mini griptilian is a manual mini grip manual version which means that if you open it up you disengage the lock. Then you can swing it closed without touching the blade you, which is easy and handy.

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Potential Drawbacks :

The Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 and the mini griptilian 556 have little to no noticeable cons, we've gathered some cons from various clients and here is what we found 

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The Benchmade mini Barrage 585

•This knife is really pricey in comparison to its counterparts in the market
•The blade lock system is not intuitive and it gets stuck at times
•There is Some minor design flaws,
•It's a little bit heavy on the hand
•The G10 handle is brittle

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The Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556

•The Handle material may feel a little bit too plastic to some clients and they didn't appreciate it
•When you want to lock it, a loud locking click sound can be overwhelming and distracting
•The blade isn't well fit with the handle and some noticed it coming off

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For the big brand name that is Benchmade and the years of expertise that they spent leading the pocket knives market, it is expected for it to have higher prices, yet they are backed up by fantastic quality.

The Benchmade mini barrage 585 is priced at (check Price ) which is not bad at all for the fantastic steel you're getting with it, high performance and a legendary brand name to go with

the Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 it is priced at (check price here)  which again isn't that much expensive at all, and honestly, you'll be getting what you pay for especially since they have all the extra features that they added since older models as well as the upgrade on the steel, the handle material and specs, the ergonomics and everything that we mentioned above .

But all in all, that 5 dollar margin is essential, yet it's worth every single penny.

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Wrap up : which knife you should choose?

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ImageProductPrice On Amazon
Image My Pick
Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556
Buy on Amazon
ImageBenchmade mini Barrage 585Buy on Amazon

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Both the Benchmade mini barrage 585 and the Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 pocket knives were amazing yet one of them excelled in many departments which was The Benchmade mini barrage it had Great steel, thin design, wicked sharp, and very easy to maintain.

This knife can easily be re-sharpened back to, or even past factory sharpness at home without too much trouble, that right there is what premium steel gets you! It’s open assist system and just the way it fits inside a pocket is absolutely amazing.

although if you want a knife with a better grip then shoot for the griptilian all the way. Yet we would highly recommend the mini barrage blade to anyone.


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