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The 10 Best Ankle Knives with Holster in 2022

October 26, 2020| Gear

Finding a versatile and reliable knife with an ankle knife holster for everyday carry has always been one of my concerns.

I have tried many knives hoping to find an ideal one, but in vain, every time I am disappointed with one or more features.

I was really over the moon when I found a bunch of 10 best ankle knife holsters with knife. I choose one that I felt is most suitable for my needs and thought of sharing it with you.

They are sharp enough to perform all your everyday tasks perfectly. It takes you no more than a few minutes to read the 10 below reviews of EDC knives with ankle knife holsters to avoid disappointments and feel at peace.

The 10 Best Ankle Knives with Holster in 2021

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Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife PromateCheck Price on Amazon

Now, let’s dive into the best knives with ankle holsters. If you’re interested in learning what to look for when buying (a new) one, make sure to read our buying guide below as well.

The Best Ankle Knives with Holster in 2021

No one can deny the importance of a knife in a camping and hiking kit. However, carrying a knife may not be as easy and smooth as any other item in your survival kit.

That says, you want a practical and well-designed ankle holster that comes with its knife for a comfortable and safe outdoor activity.

Below, I am giving you the chance to dive into detailed reviews of 10 best ankle knife holsters with knife for the aim of finding your long searched for ankle holster with knife.

1. Treasure Gurus Stainless Steel Blue Dive Knife

This Treasure Gurus knife is one the best diving knives in the market. Its design and stainless steel blade make it a diving knife par excellence. It is very practical for cutting fishing line or seaweed. The ankle holster was designed to fit both your leg and arm for easy access.

This blue and black knife with holster comes with its own high-quality and plastic sheath to protect both yourself and knife safe and protected.

The stainless steel blade comes with 4 5/8″ in its length which is perfect for many cutting tasks. It also features a pointed tip and Line cutter, which is ideal for cutting fishing line or seaweed as this knife was made essentially for diving.

As I said above, the holster can be used in both your leg and arm and has stretchy and durable straps for easy accessibility.

For the handle, this knife has a cushioned handle that delivers a comfortable and anti-slip grip.

Many consider this knife and its holster their favourite product for diving; essentially for the knife’s sharpness and the well-designed holster that helps you to draw the knife quickly.

The problem with holster and knife is the sheath which is cheaply made and doesn’t help the knife to fit securely inside it.

Overall, the knife and its holster are constructed to make your diving and any adventure unforgettable, I just hope the sheath won’t ruin the party!


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2. Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife

This Promate Knife also features a stain and corrosion resistant titanium for enhanced durability. To make it a really useful knife, its handle comes with an ergonomic and lasting rubber grip with finger ridges and a titanium butt to be used as a tank banger for hammering or to signal underwater.

The knife Titanium blade comes with either a blunt design which allows it to double as a screwdriver or as a drop point tip design.

The knife sheath is made of an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic and comes with double button push release for a more secured lock.

It has also two lasting corrosion proof rubber leg straps which are adjustable for a customized fit.  The whole construction of this knife and its ankle holster is super lightweight to give you the freedom of movement. That doesn’t mean it is they are not strong enough to accomplish your everyday tasks.

This time I am in love with this knife’s sheath, it is sturdy, tight and features a secure lock. It doesn’t slip down as you walk or when using it for another activity like diving.

Are you ready to hear about its downside? Well, it is to some extent impossible to draw the knife out of the holster using one hand only.

For me it is to some extent a deal breaker, because you can find yourself in a situation when you can’t use both your hands.

I think that the manufacture should reconsider the size of this knife to make it easy to draw it out from the sheath but without being loose. Otherwise, I love everything else about it.


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3. TUSA FK-940 X-Ppert II Titanium Dive Knife

Tusa is one of the leading brands that are well-known among passionate divers. It has so far released a range of diving knives trying the quench divers’ thirst for the most reliable and useful knives and holsters. This knife is one of its most famous tools that have satisfied many customers for their durability and comfort.

This Tusa  FK-940ti X-Pert II knife is built from high quality Ti-6Al-4V titanium and is designed to be disassembled easily and quicly for for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

For the blade, it is made from 6-4Ti highly-acclaimed titanium drop point blade claiming it is a highly corrosion resistant material. This knife features a serrated edge and line cutter

in addition to an ergonomic grip with counterweight which boasts one of the latest grip designs. For the holster, it has a  single button sheath lock release to keep you knife as well as an easy-to-adjust buckle and strap that ensures a comfortable and accurate fit.

The size of this knife is just outstanding, not too small to sink in your pocket and too big to be seen under your pants easily, also its lock mechanisms really professional.

The common issue with this knife is the delivery, they always send the wrong colour; customers order red colour but receive a silver knife instead.

In a few words, this is the kind of knives you would love to have in your survival kit. It is can perform perfectly in any tasks including underwater activities.

$89.95 $99.95

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4. Kershaw Concealable Boot Knife with Strong Single Edge

Actually this is the updated version of the first Secret Agent, knife from the leading knife manufacturer Kershaw in Tualatin Kershaw. This new version was appropriately designated to be lightweight to be practical for tactical use and self-protection as well as outdoor and recreational tasks related.

Kershaw promises its customers that this knife was made to deliver a special performance as it is able to tackle every mission assigned.

The stainless steel blade is built with high carbon and heat-treated to enhance its performance and durability. The handle of this knife is reinforced synthetic polymer covered by textured rubber for grip comfort and security.

The reinforcement is meant to significantly improve the strength and stiffness of the handle, thus give a stable grip. Corrosion is one of the issues that disappoint us in our metal gear items; especially knives.

This brand has thought of this problem and released this updated knife with the last Tech rich black oxide coating which converts the steel to magnetite not only for corrosion resistance but also to give the knife an appealing style.

The sheath is made with a clip with it to hang it on your belt or UWB carry as well as slots for leg carry straps. For the blade, they claim that it can perfectly slice through plastic, kelp, aluminium, rope and fibreglass.

Unlike many knives out there, this is not a dagger and that’s great for many users as daggers are illegal EDC in many countries. I also like the edge of the knife it is definitely sharp to perform a range of tasks perfectly.

The sheath is not as great as the knife. It is durable and made with strong plastic. However, it doesn’t stick well on your belt or boot and comes out easily when you draw the knife out.

So, in case you have no problem to turn a blind eye to the sheath; if you don’t really need it; this is a nice knife from Kershaw; especially for its price.


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5. Cressi Giant Knife, Black/Silver

Gressi Giant Knife has important and large dimensions that make it effective when used for many tasks and jobs. Its sharp blade and reliable handle play a major role in its perfect performance when used for intensive tasks.

As advertised the blade of Gressi Giant knife is very sharp making it a quite reliable tool for your outdoor and everyday tasks.

The blade is treated with Black Coating that makes the knife’s appearance extremely pleasing to the eye. In addition to its pointed tip, it was designed with a straight edge that is partially serrated.

The sheath is wonderfully designed and comes in the same colour as the knife, black. It has leg straps that are adjustable and have several buttons to give you the fit and security you want.

The whole knife in general is reliable and useful for a plethora of jobs. You can use freely and without being worried about its durability and strength.

Let me share a secret with you which is actually a negative side of this knife. The manufacture says that the blade is made of Japanese 420 steel, in fact, that’s not right as it is of 304 Stainless; that means it not be as corrosion resistant as you expect it to be.

Personally, I liked everything about this survival knife with its holster. It is sharp to be relied on, good-looking and light-weight; I just wish the blade’s durability is not disappointing.

$77.95 $79.95

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6. XS Scuba Kp04 Neoprene Knife Holder

Did you like one of the above knives and you don’t feel excited about its holster? Then what about purchasing this holster which comes without knife? It is a convenient holder that you can use to hold any survival knife you have.

To put you in the picture, this holder is designed to hold your knife with its sheath that is why it doesn’t come with any sheath.

The neoprene construction of this holder is treated with slip-resistant backing. It has adjustable Velcro straps for mounting to lower leg.  A soft Cushioned Layer between Leg and the knife’s hard Sheath is added in this holder.

This XS Scuba knife holder stands out proudly from many holsters in the market thanks to the great amount it offers of comfort. Its material is lightweight and soft to do not harm your leg.

However, XS Scuba should really consider the problem of stitching which gets unstitched after a few uses. That’s an annoying issue that the manufacturer should resolve as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, as I said above the comfort and security delivered by this holder will blow you away. Unfortunately, the stitching ruins that comfort.


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7. Cressi Skorpion Tempered Stainless Steel Blade Knife

Skorpion belongs to the latest generation of knife designs and medium dimensions. It is a hybrid knife that was designed in Italy and made in Taiwan. It was made with strong features to ensure years of effective use.

It features a Japanese 420 stainless steel with tempered and strong blade. Its edge is a smooth and serrated edge with an incorporated wire cutter. It is good to know that this knife is available in two different blades: The first one is pointed tip bade whereas the second has a blunt tip. This is a medium-sized knife with 9 1/8 in (23.20 cm) in its length.

The knife boasts a sheath that has a locking mechanism to allow one-hand opening and release like a knife holster. It comes with two, standard issue straps to attach it to your leg. This knife was designed to be useful in many activities and adventures like fishing and diving.

The stainless steel of this knife is made of a high quality material that allows you to use it in water activities without being worried about having a rusty knife one day after your sea diving experience.

One can’t really understand why manufacturers care about all the specifications of their knives except the sheath. Again, the sheath of this knife displays slipping issues, it is loose and not tight enough to keep the knife locked in place.

All in all, this Skorpion knife is a reliable one with a very practical holster, I highly recommend it if you have an old case to use instead of the loose one that comes with it; that’s in case they don’t resolve the slipping issue.

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8. Promate Barracuda Sharp Tip Titanium Diving Knife

This is another knife and holster from ProMate that I would describe as: “It is a great and versatile survival knife with ankle holster but…” The answer for this BUT you can find it below and let’s first take a look at its interesting features.

The first amazing feature of this ProMate knife and its holder is its easy disassembling design that makes cleaning and maintenance as easy one-two-three. Being the most crucial part of a given knife most famous brands put great importance on the blade.

For PorMate, they chose Titanium blade for their knife, this type of blades is very recommended for it strength and corrosion resistance. The knife is designed with a hammer on handle bottom that you can use for any DIY job when outdoors. Quick-release and adjustable straps are the most important parts of the ankle knife holster which make it a well-made handler.

I love the sharp out of the box blade of this ProMate knife, more than that, its ankle holster comes with an extremely comfortable straps that will give you the impression that you are not wearing an a leg or ankle holster.

You still need the answer for that BUT?

Well, I don’t want to shock you again but it is always a sheath issue. This time it is not loose, it is too tight that you couldn’t get your knife out of it using one hand.

No sheath no disappointment, yeah I wish survival knives don’t need a sheath because in the overwhelming majority of cases they are the deal breakers.

$119.95 $199.95

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9. Promate Point Tip Scuba Dive BC Knife (3″ Blade)

Here is another high-acclaimed knife from ProMate. This is one was designed specifically for those who like EDC knives when travelling as it is a smaller one. It is a small yet very useful knife.

It is a small and versatile survival kit item for diving and snorkelling. ProMate utilized a 304 stainless steel blade in the construction of this small knife. It is sharp on one side of blade and at the pint and serrated edge at the other side.

This small blade is affective in many tasks and can be easily attached in several places. The molded sheath with pre-installed clips that are meant to make your mounting easier can be placed on many places by Velcro closure straps of BC as well as nylon tight straps. The sheath also designed with a single action button locking system.

You will surely like this little ProMate knife that does a great job. With its small designed and sharp blade it performs just as effective as big blades.

It is a wonderful little knife when it comes to performance, unfortunately it comes with no straps and starts rusting after some uses.

If you have any secret or trick to avoid having a rusty blade after using your knife, I suggest you go for this knife; that’s in case small knives are your cup of tea.


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10. Cressi Borg , Long Blade Knife

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Back to Cressi knives, this brand claims that This Borg comes with an unmatched modern and futuristic design. They are even proud of its blade saying it’s a unique tempered blade. So, let’s see to some extent is that accurate.

For the tempered blade, it is made of 304 Japanese Stainless Steel that is famous for its corrosion resistance and easy nature to be sharpened. One side of this stainless blade is straight-edged whereas the other one is serrated right along the blade; to not that both of them are very sharp.

You can use this knife while wearing gloves and you still have a secure and comfortable grip thanks to the ergonomic design of its handle.

The sheath here comes with a locking mechanism system that allows one-hand release; it also features two standard issue straps to attach it to your ankle.

I always prefer survival knives with ankle holster that come in the size and shape of this Borg knife, it is multifunctional and always deliver a comfortable experience.

The one and only problem with this product is the holster, they used a cheap and low quality plastic to make it. So you get to use it carefully otherwise you will be back home with your knife in your pocket and not attached on your ankle.

This is a specifically diving knife but it can be used to accomplish many outdoor and indoor tasks perfectly. You only pay attention to the holster.

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How to Pick the Right Ankle Knife with Holster: a Buying Guide

Easy to remove

Ankle holsters are among the best methods to conceal an EDC Knife; especially for the outdoor adventures and activities. But some people do not you use them for one reason which is the difficulty they show when removing the knife.

I totally agree with them because drawing a knife from an ankle holster is not as speedy as drawing it from the hip.

However, that happens when you purchase the wrong ankle holster and knife.

There are some knives which come with well-designed and useful ankle holsters to help the user to remove the knife easily. For the ones below, I have chosen them essentially for their effective and easy to remove specifications.


Well, this is a feature that I should not remind you to pay attention to. Both the knife and its ankle holster are meant to be in a size that makes it easy to conceal the knife making it a really carry-friendly tool.

More than that, an EDC knife is at the end of the day a handy tool that must deliver a comfortable grip, and the ankle holster is meant to keep your knife hidden but without causing you mobility issues.

So, you want to avoid big knives and ankle holster so that you can smoothly carry them while wearing any sort of pants or uniforms and not necessarily baggy pants.

Read also: Best knife With Finger Hole.


This has to do with ankle holsters. A good number of holsters available on the market do not feature straps. That doesn’t mean they are the most useful and sophisticated ones.

It is really the other way around, ankle holsters which come with straps are believed to deliver the most comfortable and secure experience.

Their main role lies in the support and security they give to the holster to prevent slipping down and rotation around the leg.

Don’t forget to go for ankle holsters which have straps with a Velcro closure to make sure they are adjustable and can fit you well.

Knife Grip

When choosing the knife grip you should consider two major things its material and style.

For the material there are several common materials used in the making of knives’ grip, for example, G10, Micarta, Crabon fiber, Titanium and Zytel.

Each material has its own specs but they all share two features, they are all strong and lightweight.

Then comes the grip style, the grip should be well-designed and good-sized to make it easy for you hand to hold on to and draw it out of the ankle holster quickly and with no trouble.


A perfectly made EDC knife, and any other survival gear kit item, is that one which fits in a pocket. It is also a knife with holster that is constructed with sturdy, lightweight and reliable materials such as G10 or Micarta or strong plastic.

It is crucial to choose your knife with ankle holster while taking into account the activity you will need it for. For example, travel will need a small knife with a little holster so that you won’t be carrying a heavy knife all the time.

Overall, the most recommended knives are those which are under5 ounces for a really comfortable and convenient carry.

More: Kershaw Chive vs Scallion Pocket knives


As you can see, I provided you with the features of every single ankle holster with knife product just to give you an idea about the 10 best knives with holsters on the market.

The sheath was a common problem but that is not a really big issue; especially that most of us have tons of sheaths at home of previously used knives, so you might find a suitable one for your new great knife.

And finally to conclude this article, let’s again look at some of our top picks for knives with ankle holsters:

Cressi Giant Knife CressiCheck Price on Amazon
Promate Barracuda Sharp Tip Titanium Diving Knife PromateCheck Price on Amazon
Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife PromateCheck Price on Amazon

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