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Brooks Ghost 11 vs Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes: Which Are Better in 2021?

June 25, 2020| Gear

Today we are going to review two very well known models of the brand: Brooks Ghost 11 vs 12.

we are going to compare these two Brooks models, and you will be able to see in detail their differences and similarities. 

Brooks is a shoe brand that has a very long history in the market. The company was founded in 1914 in Philadelphia and since 2001 has focused on running shoes.

So much so that the company’s main motto has always been “Running is a gift. Run happy”. And they have proved this with their top-quality designs.

Brooks Ghost 11 Vs 12 : Quick Comparison

ImageProductWeight (Pair)Price On Amazon
Brooks Ghost 111 lb. 5.8 ozCheck Today’s Price on Amazon
ImageMy Pick
Brooks Ghost 12
1 lb. 4.8 ozCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

What is the difference between Brooks Ghost 11 and Ghost 12?

There are many differences between these two models. Among the most notable differences is that Ghost 12 is a shoe that incorporates advanced technology to enhance and improve the performance and durability of the pump.

Between those m3D Fit Print practically disappear in your foot. Both with the stretch and structure strategically placed to provide more exceptional smoothness and safety. And while the Ghost 11 also offers the same benefits, you have to recognize the Ghost 12 powers all of this with much more modern designs.

Another notable difference between Ghost 11 and Ghost 12 is undoubtedly the price. If you take a look at these shoes on both the Brooks website and Amazon, you will notice that Ghost 11 is much cheaper than Ghost 12. This is quite understandable, considering that the Ghost 12 is much more modern and novel than its predecessor the Ghost 11.

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Brooks Ghost 11 Review and Features

The Brooks Ghost 11 running shoes were released in 2018. Since then, it has been one of Brooks's customers' favorite models. And it's no wonder.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable, as well as being very durable and resistant. If you are one of those who have the habit of running several kilometers every day, these shoes are the ideal choice.

If the Brooks Ghost 12 offers anything besides quality and durability, it's undoubtedly a very cool design. And the variety of colors the model offers fits any style without a problem.

Many running shoes tend to have a very sober and simple design, but that's not the case with the Ghost. I assure you that wherever you go, your shoes will stand out thanks to their excellent design.

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Some of the features you should know about Ghost 11 :

- Foot Support: This feature is intended to provide neutral support that is ideal for runners with a medium to a high arc. This will make you feel stable during your run.

- Balance soft cushioning: Thanks to the BioMoGo DNA and the LOFT DNA pad, running shoes will be lighter than any other shoe you can find on the market today. This technology seeks to provide softness in a balanced way without affecting durability.

- Smooth and stable ride: The segmented shock pad was designed to adapt to the fall of each foot, no matter how different it is. No matter which way your footfalls, you can be sure that your ride will be very smooth. I doubt you'll end up with any pain or cramping after your routine.

- Secure Fit: The newly designed mesh upper virtually disappears on foot with the stretch. As you'll see, this is strategically placed in the area where you need it most. And the frame strategically placed where you need it most.

Check Price and Read More Reviews of the Brooks ghost 11 On Amazon

Brooks Ghost 12 Review and Features

The Brooks Ghost 12 running shoes are undoubtedly among the customers' favorite models, not for nothing; it is one of the brand's best sellers.

Ghost 12 has similar features and specifications to the 11, but what makes it different is the incorporation of technologies that enhance the quality of the shoes.

In my opinion, if you are a neutral runner looking for a lightweight, smooth running shoe without compromising on cushioning. I'm sure you'll find many things you like.

The design of the Ghost 12 has nothing to envy to its predecessor the Ghost 11. Its design is exquisite, versatile, and offers you an extensive range of colors.

If you take a look at these shoes on Amazon, you will realize that they will never go out of style. An awesome design, in my opinion, that matches with anything you wear.

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Some other details you should know about Ghost 12 :

 -Smooth ride: No matter how you land your foot, the Crash Pad technology - an integrated shock absorber system - will cushion your every step and provide a smooth and comfortable transition from heel to toe

-Smooth and secure fit: By placing the stretch and structure where you need it most, the newly designed mesh and 3D Fit Print upper virtually disappears into your foot.

 -Support and bearing: The neutral support type guarantees high energy cushioning. This makes it perfect for running on the road, for Crossfit training, for the gym, for your marathons, and more.

As you can see, there is no physical activity, no matter how demanding, that the Ghost 12 can't perform effectively and durably.

Check Price and Read More reviews of the Brooks Ghost  12 On Amazon

Performance comparison between brooks Ghost 11 and ghost 12:


One problem with running shoes is that they tend to be very hot and don't let your foot breathe. This is why many athletes tend to suffer from infections and bad odors. No matter what activity you are doing, let alone how intense it may be, you have to let your body breathe.

I went out jogging several times with the Ghost 11, and although the runs were considerably longer, the truth is that my feet were always fresh and without excessive sweat.

We owe this in part to the food support we mentioned earlier, which allows for neutral support that adapts to the arch of the foot. Or like the BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT technologies that give you just the right support. Your feet won't feel tight at all. And best of all, they fit perfectly.

All right, as far as the breathability of the Ghost 12 is concerned, I don't have anything wrong to say. It's just perfect. Like the previous model, it fits the foot without smothering it because it incorporates the technologies mentioned above. What I did notice is that with Ghost 12, I felt a little cooler and lighter. Maybe that's because the Ghost 12 has a more refreshing finish and mesh than the Ghost 11.

In conclusion, both models have excellent breathability. However, the Ghost 12 still appeals to me a little more than the Ghost 11.

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Comfort and Cushioning:

The comfort provided by a running shoe is what often makes us decide on a specific model. And it's not at all crazy, because if there is something they have been telling us since we started in the world of sports and physical activities is that we should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Another thing we must take into account is resistance. It would be very annoying if you were to run a marathon and, after a few kilometers, be destroyed by the intensity of the exercise.

Brooks Ghost 12 stands out incredibly in this area. The smooth and comfortable transitions you get when running thanks to CrashPad technology are enormous.

You feel incredibly light as if you could float. And when it comes to cushioning, it doesn't lag either. I recently decided to do a pretty demanding jogging routine, and I put on the Ghost 12 for the occasion.

I must say that at no point did I feel my foot hit the ground. The shoes withstood every step without a hint of a struggle. All thanks to the segmented shock pads, the shoes adapt to any foot drop. And that's something that stands up to Ghost 12.  

Safety & Support

Safety is essential when doing any sport or physical activity. And as far as shoes are concerned, we must have a pair that provides the necessary support to avoid slips and falls. The last thing I would want is for you to get hurt.

Ghost 12 stands out because it gives incredible support. A friend I go out with very often has Runner Knee's issues, and since he started using Ghost 12, his condition has improved considerably. He may not be a medical expert, but his testimony is proof enough.

As for Ghost 11, the truth is that its support is also incredible. One thing that stands out about Ghost 11 over Ghost 12 is that it gives you much more neutral and balanced support.

And if we go to the safety part, it's pretty even. These running shoes have a sole that prevents slips and falls. There are many such shoes on the market that have a bottom that becomes smooth over time, increasing the possibility of an accident. And both Ghost 11 and Ghost 12 prevent such things from happening at all costs.

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As far as flexibility goes, I think both shoes are pretty even. Both Ghost 11 and Ghost 12 fit any type of foot without any problem.

Both models incorporate technology that allows for total freedom of movement, but without being loose for a moment. Ghost 12 has a bit more of an advantage in the latter. But the truth is that Ghost 11 and the Ghost 12 have nothing to envy in terms of flexibility.


All right, now let's talk about something significant: Price. And yes, as much as we may be dazzled by any of these shoes, we have to consult our wallet first.

Ghost 11, being the predecessor of Ghost 12, is a little more affordable than its younger brother. You should also take into account that by including more new features, this makes the price of the Ghost 12 a little higher.

Anyway, the difference isn't that great either. Between Ghost 11 and Ghost 12, the difference would be between $10 and $30 approximately. 

although it's not a big deal, it's a significant difference that can tip the balance a lot when it comes to buying. If you want quality at a lower price, then Ghost 11 is for you. However, if you're going to keep up with the latest models, then Ghost 12 is your ideal choice.

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Wrap up which brooks should you choose?

ImageProductPrice On Amazon
Brooks Ghost 11Buy On Amazon
ImageMy Pick
Brooks Ghost 12
Buy On Amazon

Finally, I want to make it very clear that no matter what decision you make, you'll be taking home a pair of top-notch running shoes. Not for nothing is Brooks, one of the most traditional brands on the market.

If what you like is comfort, quality, and resistance, but you don't want to spend too much, then Ghost 11 is all you need. It offers you incredible benefits for a more accessible price. And I assure you that they will be with you for many years to come.

Now, if you want to keep up with the latest from Brooks and want a shoe that incorporates new technology, then you're going to fall in love with the Ghost 12. I guarantee you'll fall in love with them the minute you see them.

All right, I hope I've been helpful today. Enjoy your shopping! See you on your next trip. Don’t forget to take your Brooks shoes with you. 

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