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Kershaw Chive Vs Scallion Pocket Knives: 2021 Comparison

July 23, 2020| Gear

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Today you’re going to compare one’s of my favorite Pocket knives Kershaw chive vs scallion.

Kershaw has produced an extensive collection of pocket knives for every circumstance, from everyday carry (EDC) that includes the taste we do everyday like cutting down packages and ropes knives to sporting knives which are made for self defence and for police.

Kershaw knives regularly produce high quality at an affordable price; and they are always consistent with their delivery.

The Kershaw chive and the Kershaw scallion are not that different from the usual quality this brand has portrayed, in fact at every top 10 list, they are mentioned and praised.

In this article we tried to give you a thorough look at both of them and weigh every aspect hand in hand.

What is the difference between Kershaw chive and Kershaw scallion?

The Kershaw Chive and the Kershaw Scallion are amazing everyday carry knives. They both share similarities when it comes to the blade, the quality, and the durability, yet there are some noticeable differences.

The most apparent thing is size, the Kershaw scallion is about ¼ times bigger than the is chive, the second thing is that there is a little improvement when it comes to the handle, the chive has just a single thumb std for individual use, while the scallion features a double thumb stud for a more comfortable opening and closing of the knife .

The Kershaw scallion has a broader range of colors and handles designs compared to the three models that the chive demonstrates. Other than that, they are fairly similar!

Kershaw Chive Review and Features :

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Kershaw chive is one of the most famous knives out there, It Is very sharp and useful. And it can fit to the smallest Pockets, It is said that it is really sharp that it can cut your arm hair, Paper or any Object that you’ll need to dice.

It features a 420hc stainless steel blade With a perfect handle For Easy carry as well, and One of the best things about this knife is how small it is and how it can easily fit into a keychain, your pocket or just a bag.

The Kershaw chive pocket knife has an overall length of 4.87 inches and the 1.94 inches blade that’s 0.09 in thick. It weighs around 1. 80 Oz which is pretty hefty for such a small carry knife.

The Kershaw chive pocket knife has an ambidextrous thumb stud push that can actually open the knife and the blade to the rest of the way. As for the design it is very well-made. Its titanium looks is what draws most people to it.

It’s a good choice for men and women and it comes in the color pink black and blue.

Kershaw Scallion Review and Features:

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The Kershaw scallion is another hit by The Kershaw brand. It is an excellent everyday carry knife. With a sharp-edged blade it is lightweight, slim and durable and has an amazing deployment method. 

The Kershaw scallion has an overall length of 5.5 in and a 2.5 inches blade width thickness of 0.11 inches and it weighs around 2.70 ounces which is a little heavy.

The culture scallion pocket knife has a pocket clip that is quite large but only suitable for right-handed tip down carry. It’s got seller deployment and lock with the same speed safe assisted opening that The Kershaw is famous for .

As for the design it comes in a wide range of colors and handle configurations, it is also designed by the famous Ken onion.

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Performance Comparison: kershaw Chive vs Scallion

Functionality and Utility:

One of the most famous downsides to having a knife is how hard they are to carry, Most knives are not EDC but Kershaw made sure that these knives that were about to review our Easy carry, functional and user friendly. 

The Kershaw chive is an Easy carry everyday knife that you could take anywhere with you without it bothering you in your pocket or in your Keychain. 

When folded it is 2.88 inches so it’s very small and discreet .

As for its functionality, a feature that people usually love about this knife is its SpeedSafe feature which supports a one-handed assisted opening, it was designed by Ken onion, and its whole principle is basically you can open the knife with its thumb stud. And the blade just slides open. 

And it can also work the other way which means without touching the thumb stud. It won’t ever get opened accidentally in your pocket.

The Kershaw scallion is equally as an easy carry Like the Kershaw chive, when close it is 3.5 inches long which is a little bit longer than the Chive. 

As for functionality it features the same Technology as the chive which is the SpeedSafety feature. Yet there is a little bit of a Twist to it as mentioned above The Chive has a thumb stud. Yet the scallion has a dual thumb stud and they made something called The Flipper to make your one handed operation even easier. 

Blade Materials and Sharpening:

Kershaw Knives are renowned to have amazing blades, The Kershaw chive and the Kershaw scallion are not any different Although they are made out of the same stainless steel material and have a very similar design yet they are very different when it comes to the width and length, let us compare.

The Kershaw chive has a blade that is made from 420 HC Stainless steel which is mainly made out of carbon and Chrome, Which is the most famous component to resist corrosion and can grant you longer use of the blade that goes up to years. 

The blade is 1.94 inches long and 0.09 inches thick which is very small yet it is precise and sharp, this hollow grind blade needs little to no sharpening.

The Kershaw scallion blade is made out of 420 HC stainless steel, it’s a drop point with a Hollow Grind, and it also features a recurve to the edge which was designed by Ken onion.

This blade is great for your every day requirements like cutting fruits and ropes or opening letters.

Handle Materials:

Kershaw Knives have always had inkling towards having the same Material and color for the blade as the handle which makes their design very good and professional looking to the eye. 

Kershaw chive has a handle that is made out of 410 stainless steel which is the same material used on both models blade, it’s very good for corrosion and hardness and very durable.

The handle is sleek-looking without any texture or anything, which is a downside because it can cause some slippage.

It also features a bucket clip at the back of the handle, which is the same length, and also has a tip lock that can actually prevent your blade from coming out of the handle and popping out inside of your pocket or your bag and hurting you or your belongings.  

The Kershaw Scallion was made using glass filled nylon so they can keep the knife lightweight and Powerful. And they plastered it as a finish. The Finish is definitely better than the Chive as it does make it.

Easy to grip onto The handle also has a liner lock and a tip lock that make it stay in place if you open it and it wouldn’t close off while in use. 

It also features the speed safe function that we’ve seen already in the Kershaw Chive. 


Ergonomics are very important to a knife. It’s the way the knife is designed and. How comfortable it is to use it, Kershaw Has a special lock system to its knives let us discover it. 

The Kershaw chive is a very small knife it is easy to use for most types of hands, except people with large hands who can’t really get a hold on it too well. It’s easy to use, to Clean and maintain .

It has a lock system which is called SpeedSafe. It’s a one-handed assisted opening. When you fold it, you can actually press and the knife would spring open And the frame lock Stabilize it in place so that it won’t be closed again unless you close it. 

And It can actually work on the contrary the tip slider the tips lock slider Can actually prevent the knife from opening suddenly in your pocket.

The Kershaw scallion is more suitable for people with small or large hands, it is what you call a flipper and has the same Technology of the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism as the Chive.

They added a feature that it’s called The Flipper Took this knife to another level when it comes to the speed of opening and closing. 

The scallion has a frame lock that is made out of steel and the steel liner that can assist in open locking and unlocking the knife. It is durable and very strong so that your knife won’t re-engage abruptly.

Potential Drawbacks : Kershaw Chive vs Scallion

The Kershaw chive and The Kershaw scallion have little to no notable cons, and they are more praised than looked down upon, but we decided to bring you some disadvantages from different clients and loyal fans to the Kershaw brand, and here is what we found. 

The Kershaw chive:

  • It’s a really small handle, so it is unfit to work with it if you have large hands
  • The thumb stud is also too small to fit larger hands and fingers
  • The tip lock isn’t the most durable, and it broke a couple of times
  • Edge retention isn’t as good as advertised
  • Single position Pocket clip.
  • Limited color collection 

The Kershaw scallion:

  • Weak Tip lock that can’t last long
  •  Low end 420HC Steel
  • The ​Shortest blade Edge Retention
  • Single position pocket clip.

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The Kershaw Company has always been praised for its good quality and small price, for these next two pocket knives, things are not that different at all

The Kershaw chive is priced at $$ dollars which is not bad at all for an EDC knife that can do many knives and look good while doing it, it features a stellar stainless steel blade with an amazing SmartSafe system to ensure its safety .

The Kershaw scallion it is priced at $$ dollars which again isn’t that much expensive nor that far from the Kershaw chive price, yet it does have added features like the double thumb studs and the handle has a way better grip , and also there is a better collection to choose from colors to different handle styles.

Wrap Up: Which Pocket knife you should choose?

If you are indeed looking for the best everyday carry knife between the Kershaw chive and the Kershaw scallion, if you are looking for the best performing, durable, and easy to carry knife.

we would highly advise you to buy the Kershaw Scallion, it mostly has everything that the chive offers and more for just the difference of 1 dollar.

the handle is weighted well and can support your hand, the blade is very sharp right out of the box, and it doesn’t need constant sharpening and it’s fast lock and unlock system is amazing.

the chive is great as well but very limited since it is really small for most tactical tasks that you’ll need to perform, and is narrow, we only endorse it if you’ll buy it for the smallest tasks possible like cutting letters open.

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