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Osprey Porter 46 vs Farpoint 55 Backpacks: Which are Better in 2022?

June 29, 2020| Gear

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Osprey’s packs are all known for their creative design as well as intuitive and unique features.

Each single pack was designed to suit certain needs and preferences of travellers or backpackers.

While both Osprey Farpoint 55 and porter 46 are stand out models, you’ll need to decide which is suited to your  activietes!

 if you are a traveller the porter 46 can be carry-on compliant it can fit the restrictions of many airlines and has a lot of pockets. is a very useful travel pack for those who like to store in a lot of gear in their backpack

if you are a backpacker going to hike or camp then porter 46 is for you. confortable backpack Thanks to its internal frame especially for long hikes or long distance, even more, comfortable than the porter

anyways let’s talk some details …

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osprey porter 46 vs farpoint 55 : Quick LOOK

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Farpoint 55Porter 46

Product Image

WeightM/L: 3 lbs. 14.4 oz.
S/M: 3 lbs. 12 oz.
3 lbs. 5 oz
Dimensions (inches)M/L: 25 x 13 x 12
S/M: 24 x 13 x 12
22 x 14 x 11
Capacity 55 liters46 liters
Best FORTravel, camp , Hiking…Travel…
Price Check PriceCheck Price

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osprey porter 46 review and FEATURES:

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If you are the sort of travellers who like impromptu trips then a “grab-and-go” pack like the Porter 46 can make things easier for you. It is a stylish and professional travel bag with everything you would need to stay super organized and comfortable.

However, it is not a hiking and camping bag; it was not designed with heavy-duty-back-padding to help you carry too heavy luggage comfortably.

This Osprey porter 46 was designed to be something between a backpack and duffel bag. It has a good number of compartments as well as external and internal pockets to stuff all your things. Porter 46 is not that stylish pack you may be looking for, but it is still a completely acceptable bulbous bag. To satisfy travellers’ preferences, It comes in four colours; black, red, green and grey

As it is mentioned above, with a capacity of 46 liters porter 46 is a mid-sized backpack that is not for a ton of stuff.

Nevertheless, its size still makes it possible and compatible with light luggage. In other words, this backpack can be your superhero if you love to take short trips and weekend breaks.

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    • Some features and options:

    There are some features which can make porter 46 your go-to bag for your next light travel.

    For example, its two padded wings are sturdy enough to protect your luggage; especially with the presence of the straightjacket straps which you can use to fit more stuff or compress the pack when it is not fully stored.

    Also, there are two padded handles; the top and bottom one which were designed perfectly to help you carry this pack comfortably.

    It has enough pockets for your necessary items, there is a zippered pocket at the top of the pack for liquids, toiletries or anything else like a wallet and medium format camera.

    The third is a front vertical zippered pocket for books or document; as Osprey suggests. Along the backside of the pack there is a protected and padded laptop and tablet sleeve with a lockable zip to keep your devices secure and safe.

    In addition to the hipbelt that is capable of being stowed away smoothly, the shoulder and waist straps in porter 46 can be removed when they are not used.

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    osprey  farpoint 55 review and FEATURES:

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    Needless to say, the Farpoint 55 is one of the greatest backpacking bags that Osprey produced to quench travellers’ thirst for a sophisticated backpack.

    This is simply the kind of hiking and camping backpack that every backpacker would fancy. It has the features and the capacity to properly carry all the gear you would need for your long trip.

    The Farpoint 55 is a unisex backpack which is available in three colours; red, blue and grey. Its dual front compression straps as well as the top and side padded handles make it look simple, casual but a very clean pack.

    Also, is a carry-on-size pack , as far as some travellers re concerned, which is consisted of two different parts. To put it differently, it is a two-in-one backpacking bag, there is the main pack with a capacity of 40 liters and the detachable daypack which is a 15 liters bag. That says there will be no need to take another bag for your water bottle or camera; the Farpoint 55 can carry it all safely and comfortably.

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    Some other Features you should know about Farpoint 55 :

    This backpacking bag has designated sleeves for the travellers’ tablet or laptop in the main compartment which has lockable zipper pulls; to note that your laptop shouldn’t measure more 15 inches.

    It comes with removable sleeping pad straps which can promise a more comfortable resting after a long day of cycling or hiking. In case you need extra space to carry more gear you can simply remove the sleeping pad straps.

    To keep your gear safe and help you carry the pack comfortably, it was designed with stowaway backpanel, harness and hipbelt with zippered rear flap.

    There are two internal compression straps to use to rest assured that the content is kept neatly in place.

    The Farpoint 55 cares also about your little items, like your wallet, phone and travel document, as it has two internal front zippered pockets that you can use without being afraid to be robbed.

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    PERFORMANCE AND Features comparison between osprey porter 46 AND farpoint 55:

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    Storage & Capacity :

    As a traveller who is passionate about exploring different parts in the world, nothing would excite you to the bones like finding a pack that fits all your gear.

    With heaps of travel packs available on the market it may be perplexing to decide which one suits your needs better.

    This comparison between Farpoint 55 and Porter 46 from Osprey tend to help you choose between these two great packs. Yeah, these travel packs are both amazing but each one of them suits a certain and specific travel style. Well, if we take a look at the storage and capacity of their pockets then Porter 46 would be the winner.

    Farpoint 55 is a versatile and functional backpacking bag. However, it is not as ideal as you would think when it comes to the capacity of its pockets.

    It is really odd to find out that the laptop sleeves in this backpack go with the daypack. That is to say, if you love to bring your laptop with you then you should always take the detachable daypack on your trips.

    Do you love to use the external pockets when you are travelling? To your disappointment, Farpoint 55 has no external pockets; which is again so STRANGE.

    In contrast, Porter 46 also doesn’t have a water bottle external pocket but, at least, it got enough pockets which can be amazingly useful.

    For example, the two pockets along its front which can be expanded, hence, allow room for all your little items.

    In addition to that, there is the padded laptop sleeve, the two side pockets and the pocket down the front of Porter 46 pack. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

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    Comfort and Fit (Adjustability) :

    One of the reasons which push many travellers to choose Porter 46 is the fact that it is carry-on compliant. Whereas the Farpoint 55 isn’t as it is a little bit too tall to be deemed so by many airlines.

    However, if we compare the comfort guaranteed by these two products, we can but admit that Farpoint is excellent with its well-designed straps and suspension system. The thing which makes it super comfortable on the traveller’s back.

    If you think that it is not a special thing, then try to take a long walk while holding an uncomfortable pack. This leads us to say that Porter 46 whose back is not padded as that of the Farpoint is not as adjustable and comfortable as the Farpoint. Thus, if you choose it for your long trips expect to come back home with back pain.

    Farpoint 55 internal design and features also offer more comfort and fit; especially its internal frame that makes its fit just fantastic.

    Overall, Osprey Porter 46 was designed for week breaks and super short periods and trips on which you will not have to take a ton of stuff. It’s right that its volume capacity can be as great as that of Farpoint but it will engender a real physical pain.

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    Durability and Materials:

    Using excellent and high-quality materials to make their products is one of the reasons that stand behind the unmatched reputation of Osprey in the market.

    For instance, Osprey Porter 46 was made of 420D Nylon Packcloth. It is a fabric that is known for being, smooth, light and super durable. It also uses big, sturdy and durable YKK zippers which won’t break easily due to the heavy weight of the content.

    It is almost the same thing with the Farpoint 55, this pack is produced of 420D Nylon to be as light as possible; especially that it is a backpacking bag for long periods which should be durable and resistant against beating.

    Besides that all, almost all its strong and heavy zippers are lockable to protect and keep safe and secure all your gear.

    In a nutshell, when it comes to their materials and durability, both the Farpoint 55 and Porter 46 from Osprey are durable and resistant packs that you can rely on. To note that, both offer a lifetime warranty.

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    Potential drawbacks

    Passionate and expert travellers know well that each travelling pack was made for a specific purpose.

    It is the way you use a given pack which, to some extent, would determine if it is a user-friendly bag or not.

    We should all agree that the PERFECT travel pack doesn’t exist. That is why both the Farpoint 55 and Porter 46 got some cons and downsides.

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    Farpoint 55Porter 46
    •Absence of external pockets
    •The main pack doesn’t have laptop and tablet sleeves
    •Won’t be accepted by all airlines as a carry-on-compliant pack.
    •Too bulky and boxy to navigate when it is completely full
    •Square and rounded design-thus not very comfortable for travelers with narrow shoulders
    •No modern organization in the main compartment

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    The Farpoint 55 is more expansive than the poster 46 its about 30 to 40 $ in different that’s why they are considered as best of the brand’s most expensive backpacks.

    Check price and read more reviews of the Osprey Farpoint 55 on Amazon.

    However, if you take another look at thier features and options you will see that they worth this price; especially with the option of a two-in-one pack.

    Check price and read more reviews of the Osprey Porter 46 on Amazon.

    For Osprey Porter 46, In fact, if you are not going to use this pack many times then you better find yourself a cheaper pack; especially that it is designed for short period trips only.

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    Travel is the best way to relax and unwind. The main concern of every traveller is to enjoy and get back with memories. To do that, they should first of all find a comfortable, user-friendly, functional and stylish travel backpack.

    With all the choices available in the market, that process might be extremely overwhelming. This comparison and review aimed at helping you find out which Osprey travel pack would be your best travel companion.

    Overall, we can say that both packs are functional and of high-quality. However, you should know which kind of travellers you are.

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    Farpoint 55Porter 46

    Product Image

    Price Buy on AmazonBuy on amazon


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